Saturday, May 7, 2011

CBC Live (featuring Josh Lopez): Broken Restored Loved Review

The San Antonio-based CBC Live, featuring Josh Lopez, is back at it again with another live worship project titled Broken Restored Loved. This fourteen-track worship album also features several famous worship anthems, such as Fee’s “Rise And Sing” and Chris Tomlin’s “Our God.”

The strong, choir-packed track “Nothing Is Impossible” opens the album, speaking of how all things are possible to him who believes. The lyrics of this track were very encouraging, and is followed by “Glory to the King,” which was a bit typical, in my opinion. CBC Live’s coverage of Fee’s “Rise and Sing” was very enjoyable, though not quite as emphatic. However, the asset of this track is the choir that appeared in this song and many others.

Hearing CBC Live’s cover of “Our God” was cool, although it was softer than other versions I’ve heard of this track. “Because of Your Love” is a seven-minute track speaking of how much God loves us and all He has done for us, and is followed by “God, You Are God,” which borrows most of its lyrics directly from the book of Psalms. The melody of this track and its rhythm was very enjoyable.  “Great” also speaks of the goodness of God, after Josh speaks a short, encouraging message about how God wants to take and heal us from our hurts. “Jesus” follows on the same note with gorgeous strings that made the track stand out. “Oh, the Blood” keeps the strings, and is still on the slower side of things, speaking of the power of the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf. The asset proved to be the bridge: “Sin has no more power/ You broke every chain/ I’m alive because You conquered the grave!”

“We The Redeemed” begins with a beautiful cover of “Amazing Grace,” and progresses into an all-new harmonic worship track, sounding very comparable to Jesus Culture and was very powerful. Watching the track build at every part was very cool, making this track very timeless. “Jesus Come,” composed of amazing piano and beautiful vocals, and “Come Holy Spirit,” made up of soft drums, both are a prayer for Jesus to come and fill us with His presence.

“Ye Alabo (I Will Praise You)” gets things rolling again with high-energy jazz, very similar to Salvador music. Finally, CBC Live’s Broken Restored Loved ends with “Loved,” another catchy jazz track with excellent guitar work. This ending track speaks of the amazing love of God toward each one of us. I was happy to see this album end on an upbeat note, since most of the other tracks were more mellow.

Honestly, CBC Live’s latest worship project Broken Restored Loved wasn’t my favorite worship album of all times, but it wasn’t bad either. I especially enjoyed hearing the worship group’s covers of “Our God” and “Rise and Sing,” plus the all-new “We The Redeemed,” which was definitely a highlight. If you are a fan of church worship bands, this is definitely a project to check out!

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: March 22, 2010

Track listing:
1. Nothing Is Impossible
2. Glory to the One
3. Rise and Sing
4. Our God
5. Because of Your Love
6. God, You Are God
7. Great
8. Jesus
9. Oh, The Blood
10. We The Redeemed
11. Jesus Come
12. Come Holy Spirit
13. Ye Alabo (I Will Praise You)
14. Loved


  1. Sounds okay. Good review!

  2. Good review! I'm not really a fan of too many slower songs but nice...nice. maybe my taste will change sometime.

  3. Good album review I enjoyed it :) I only heard Great featuring Josh Lopez as I got it as a free download and it is a real good song and I like it and I will be checking out this album as soon as I can :)


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