Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tim Hughes: Love Shine Through Review

Chances are, you've heard a Tim Hughes worship song before, whether it be "Here I Am to Worship," "Beautiful One," "Jesus Saves," "Whole World in His Hands," or any one of the other worship anthems on his previous five studio albums. Now, Tim is releasing Love Shine Through, a twelve-track worship project full of tracks sure to become popular worship tracks as well. Love Shine Through also includes the current radio single "Counting On Your Name," which is picking up acclaim for Tim's new project.

"Counting On Your Name" begins with a bit of a haunting wind-like sound that made me think I would be listening to an upbeat, almost-rock track. Instead, "Counting On Your Name" turned out to be a slower, powerful worship track speaking of how God is the one thing we can hold on to, even when everything is crashing down around us. The track did build up at each section, making for an enjoyable listen, and definitely a nice radio single. "God Is Coming" picked up the pace to a nice, upbeat contemporary track with perfect lyrics of how amazing God is, and how He is coming back for us very soon.

"Never Stop Singing" is a song full of freedom, and is a definite fist-throwing track, and one that I would love to hear performed live ("We won't stop singing Your praise!"). "Saviour's Song" was a bit typical, in my opinion, but I loved the background vocals from other Kingsway Record worship leaders. I did enjoy the short, upbeat bridge of this track as well.

"All Glory" was a full-sounding worship track, also containing an enjoyable choir backup and wonderful lyrics of God's power, and is followed by "At Your Name (Forever)," a slower track speaking of our love of praising the Lord. "Jesus Saves," follows, not as strong as Jeremy Camp's famous version, but definitely enjoyable as Tim is the writer of this amazing worship track.

Track eight, the title track, is an upbeat worship track-- a prayer to God for His love to shine through us in all we do. Again, the choir backup was a very enjoyable asset to this track. "Keep the Faith" was a gorgeous track, made up off piano and strings, as Tim sings an encouraging song about keeping the faith even when things are tough, because God's love will see us through.

"Wake Up" is an upbeat reminder that we as a church are called to give God praise for all He has done for us, as "Ecclesiastes" was a sad sounding track obviously based on the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament. Love Shine Through is finished off with another version of "At Your Name," this time composed of booming drums and awesome electric sounds instead of being slower. Honestly, this version of "At Your Name" was my favorite track on Love Shine Through, and it put an awesome end to Tim Hughes' latest project.

Tim Hughes is definitely a talented songwriter, and he has shown himself faithful with Love Shine Through, his sixth studio project. Love Shine Through definitely contains several radio singles, as "Counting On Your Name" continues to climb radio charts, and other tracks on this album show signs of promise. This is a must-have for fans of Kingsway Record artists, as it even contains background appearances from other Kingsway artists, including Kim from Jesus Culture. For the above reasons I choose to rate Tim Hughes' Love Shine Through album a 4/5.

Released by: Kingsway Records
Release Date: April 19, 2011

Track listing:
1. Counting On Your Name
2. God Is Coming
3. Never Stop Singing
4. Saviour's Song
5. All Glory
6. At Your Name (Forever)
7. Jesus Saves
8. Love Shine Through
9. Keep The Faith
10. Wake Up
11. Ecclesiastes
12. At Your Name


  1. Good album review I enjoyed it and I loved the new album on NRT I hope to listen to the album again before the new album preview for the next week is put up :)

  2. Love it! Another great review, from you Jay.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Josh: Hehe... only three days left! :D

    RBG: Thanks so much, RBG! You are very encouraging! :D


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