Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shattered Pain: Shattered Pain EP Review

The debut self-titled project from Red Core Records artist Shattered Pain is an awesome six-song EP. Featuring everything I love in a good rock band, including awesome vocals, grunge guitar rock, outstanding lyrics, and even occasional rock screams, the Shattered Pain EP is a perfect debut project.

Right from the opening with "Believe In Me," Shattered Pain sets their sound as an earlier Skillet type of sound, very comparable to their Collide project. This opening track provides inspiring lyrics, encouraging the listener to trust in Jesus, and is totally enjoyable, as the outstanding lyrics show up in between highly energetic rock screams. "Brokeness Revealed" didn't slow things down at all, but was enjoyable for the mix of female and male vocals throughout the track, and the memorable pre-chorus: "Open your eyes/ open your eyes and see!"

"Change In Me" had a Creed feel to it, slowing things down to a nice worship track, again with awesome lyrics -- a cry out to God to change us and make us new. Following is "Little Girl," undoubtedly the best track on the Shattered Pain EP. Lyrically, this track reminded me of Skillet's "The Last Night," as the grunge rock made for a highly enjoyable track full of hope.

"Nothing Left," a relationship track, was highlighted by the more metal-like vocals, and was followed by "The Last Time," the closing track on this EP. I enjoyed the more mellow rock sound to this track, that, with the lyrics, again reminded me of Skillet's "The Last Night." The vocals were very enjoyable here as well, as was the key change near the end of the track.

Shattered Pain's debut EP was amazing. Although just six-tracks, this new band had everything I expect from a rock band, and I will definitely be looking forward to a full-length project from this group! This project is definitely for fans of Skillet's earlier music, and possibly for fans of The Letter Black as well.

Rating: 4.5/5

Track listing:
1. Believe in Me
2. Brokeness Revealed
3. Change In Me
4. Little Girl
5. Nothing Left
6. The Last Time


  1. Did I see "metal-like?" Where can I find this CD??!?!?! :D BTW, skillet's older stuff was more in the disco/electronica category.

  2. Good EP review I enjoyed it and I will have to check it out as soon as I can :)

  3. shattered pain is the bomb!! they are getting better songs all the time and have just recorded their first full album with their official record lable, red cord records!!! i cant wait to hear it :D


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