Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Luke Parker: Home Review

If the name Luke Parker doesn't sound familiar to you, perhaps you are familiar with the next gen -- Parachute Band. It was for the Parachute Band that Luke co-wrote two songs, "So Much More" and "Sweet Surrender," songs that appeared on their Love Without Measure project. Now, Luke gives us a six-song worship EP titled Home, with beautiful music and inspiring lyrics, sure to encourage the listener in their walk with Jesus.

Mostly acoustic, "Home" opens up the EP with the same name, an encouraging track reminding us that God will lead us through, and borrows several lines from Psalm 23. The track built a bit by the end, with the beautiful lyrics: "I am coming home!" "Sweet Surrender" followed next, a bit slower than Parachute Band's version, but very worship-inspiring, and the background music was very enjoyable.

"In Quietness" was based largely on Isaiah 30, and I really enjoyed the Scripture-based lyrics that appeared in this song and the others on the Home EP. "Chase the World" was another touching track, praising God for seeing beauty in each of us, and is a pledge that we will lay our lives down for God, instead of chasing after the world. I also thought this track highlighted Luke's great range of vocals, from very low to high.

"Selah" was a timeless prayer for more of God, and was followed by "My Soul Lays Bare," the closing track. This mostly acoustic track speaks of waiting for God, and closes off the Home EP on the soothing and worship-inspiring note that it began on.

I very much enjoyed Luke Parker's short, six-song Home EP. This is definitely an EP you will want to add to your collection if you are looking for worship music to play in your quiet time with God. It is definitely worth getting to worship along with!

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:
1. Home
2. Sweet Surrender
3. In Quietness
4. Chase the World
5. Selah
6. My Soul Lays Bare

Check out this free download from Luke Parker's new EP!


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  1. Good EP review I enjoyed it and I will download that song and listen to it as soon as I can :)


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