Friday, April 29, 2011

John Waller: As For Me And My House Review

John Waller is finally back with As For Me And My House, his third studio project. Although he has always been known for the honesty of his music, he now he returns more real then ever, bringing to the table new ideas that other musicians haven’t covered. Featuring the hit title track, and ten other creative tracks, John Waller’s very Biblical tracks will leave you coming back for more, as well as receiving the encouraging lyrics of this album.

As For Me And My House starts with a haunting sound on “Our God Reigns Here,” a very cool track that rebukes all of Satan’s attacks because God is the One who reigns in our life. Consider these awesome lyrics from verse three for example: “Anger and rage/ Guilt and shame/ I command you to leave/ In Yeshua’s name/ Depression, Anxiety, addiction, infirmity/ I command you to leave/ In Jesus’ name/ And go back from whence you came/ Our God reigns here…” The powerful opening track blends well into the title track, another powerful declaration based on Joshua chapter one, that we will serve the Lord and Him only.

“Yes” is an upbeat track that makes great usage of fillers, in a very encouraging reminder that God always keeps His promises: “It’s a guarantee/ It’s a beautiful thing/ He delights to keep His word/ God says YES to His promises/ Take Him at His word/ Yea, you can believe it/ God says YES/ To a child-like faith/ When we claim everything He died to give/ God says YES!” The upbeat and catchy “God Is Good” was a perfect follow-up track, speaking of how God knows what is best for us. I greatly enjoyed the almost 100% Scriptural lyrics of this track, that make singing along very enjoyable.

“Somebody Else’s Story” is a prayer that we can be instrumental in the salvation of someone’s life, and makes perfect usage of harmonies, and the acoustic guitars were very enjoyable in this peaceful track. “I Count It All” is an amazing worship track, surrendering everything we have and counting it as loss before God. I enjoyed the piano acts in the background, as well as the way the track built up by the arrival of the chorus. Again, John Waller’s powerful lyrics are displayed throughout this song.

“Man of the Valley” was probably my favorite track on the album for several reasons. Number one, the music was very enjoyable, and this track seemed to accentuate John Waller’s amazing vocals, even seeing John reach a really high note. Secondly, the lyrics were very awesome to listen to and understand, as John sings about how we all love being on the mountain tops, but most of our life is spent in the valley being refined and made new by God. “The Jesus I Needed” had a Casting Crowns’ sentiment to it, as John explores several Biblical miracles, and sings about how that is the Jesus we should want, not the one we make up. Especially enjoyable was the right-on bridge: “More than a story book fable/ He is alive and He’s able/ To rescue anyone who believes.”

“The Marriage Prayer” was a touching track, featuring vocal talent of John’s wife Josee, as they pray for their marriage in a track that will, no doubt, become a favorite of Christian couples all over the world. The harmony was phenomenal, making “The Marriage Prayer” one of the best tracks on As For Me And My House. “Fallen” was also on the slower side of things, and reminded me a bit musically of RED’s “Ordinary World” track, but John Waller’s lyrics were great, speaking about the amazing love of God. Closing the album, “Bless Us And Keep Us” is very soothing and worshipful track, based on Numbers 6:22-27. This put a great end to John Waller’s third project As For Me And My House.

John Waller’s As For Me and My House album is rooted and grounded in Scripture, making for a very enjoyable listen. I also enjoyed the variation of tracks, from the upbeat title track and the memorable “Yes,” to the slower worship songs such as “The Marriage Prayer” and “Bless Us and Keep Us.” This is definitely an album to add to your collection, if you’re looking for contemporary music with very Biblical lyrics that will build you up in your faith!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: May 3rd, 2011

Track listing:
1. Our God Reigns Here
2. As For Me and My House
3. Yes
4. Because God is Good
5. Somebody Else’s Story
6. Count It All
7. Man of the Valley
8. The Jesus I Needed
9. The Marriage Prayer
10. Fallen
11. Bless Us and Keep Us


  1. I love the song while iam waiting! And I love Fireproof! I guess I'm gonna buy from him:D

  2. Good album review I enjoyed it. I did download As For Me for free. It is a good song and I like it. I will be checking out this album as soon as I can :)


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