Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jenny & Tyler: Faint Not Review

After releasing A Prelude in 2007, plus This Isn't A Dream and Love Came Down: A Christmas EP in 2009, Jenny & Tyler are back with Faint Not, an eleven track record full of catchy melodies and enjoyable melodies. Many of these songs are destined to become favorites in your playlist, and keep you singing along.

"Song For You" begins Faint Not on a slow note, but builds up well with nicely done acoustic guitars and soothing harmonies. The track speaks from the perspective of God to us, telling us to open our hearts and sing out the song that God has placed in our hearts. I really enjoyed this opening track, and the overlapping of both Tyler and Jenny's voices was very inspirational listening to. "This Is Just So Beautiful" wasn't quite so upbeat, but had enjoyable piano and guitar strumming, talking about the beauty of redemption. There was a little bit of repetition in this track, but I honestly thought the repetition made the track quite enjoyable and easy to sing along to.

"Dreaming of Peace" had booming drums, as Jenny and Tyler sing of how we act like we know all the answers when we don't, and the cycle goes on and on. They also challenge the listeners by this bridge: "But while we're standing in the streets/ they're fighting off disease/ I'm in the comfort of my bed/ not dealing with a shred/ of this war between nations and this war against nature/ it's a battlefield I've never seen." The title track was easily my favorite from the record, with beautiful piano and fast-paced lyrics and perfect harmonies. "Faint Not" carries the lyrics of the previous track, encouraging ourselves to keep loving those around us ("Oh my soul/ faint not/ in love)." I also really enjoyed the emphatic bridge: "Where there is hatred/ let me sow love/ where there is injury/ let me pardon/ where there is darkness, let the light come, come!"

"Psalm 46," mostly guitar strumming, was this beautiful psalm put to lyrics, but was enjoyable for that reason. "Holding On to Hope," mostly sung by Tyler, speaks of holding onto hope even during life's storms, and was especially enjoyable when the track progressed to the next key up, and more background vocals could be heard.

"Carry Me" was on the slower side of things, but was a beautiful prayer to ask Jesus to carry us when we are weak. The harmonies and strings made this a perfect track, and an awesome track of worship. Mac Powell was featured on this track over the built up bridge, which was superb. "Through Your Eyes" tells the story of someone feeling worthless and alone, who prays that they will see themselves through God's eyes, while "As Long As Our Hearts are Beating" was a beautiful sounding love song between Jenny and Tyler, and included enjoyable drums.

Faint Not ends with two tracks, the first of which is the classic "Anchored in Love," that features a little editing from Jenny and Tyler. The strong acoustic strumming and slightly bluegrass sound was extremely enjoyable, and was followed by the electronic sounding "Stop Staring At Me," which closed off Faint Not perfectly on a very hilarious and peaceful, but enjoyable sound.

Faint Not by Jenny and Tyler is an amazing project, especially for lovers of harmony! I was hooked after hearing the title track, but each track will leave you coming back for more harmonies and catchy music. Check out Jenny and Tyler's Faint Not project out as soon as possible!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: November 30, 2010

Track listing:
1. Song For You
2. This Is Just So Beautiful
3. Dreaming of Peace
4. Faint Not
5. Psalm 46
6. Holding On to Hope
7. Carry Me (featuring Mac Powell)
8. Through Your Eyes
9. As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating
10. Anchored In Love
11. Stop Staring At Me

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  1. Good album review I will check out the music from them as soon as I can :)


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