Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Echoing Angels: Echoing Angels Review

It has been three years since the release of Echoing Angels' You Alone album featuring the blockbuster title-track hit as well as "Coming Back To Life." Three years later, and several new band members later, the band returns with a self-titled project. Because of the new changes, Echoing Angels' sophomore project definitely isn't quite similar to its debut, but it is in no wise a bad project.

The rocker "Say What You Believe" gets things started on an extremely catchy, upbeat note. Speaking of saying what you believe to the world, this opening track actually wasn't far from the sound of original Echoing Angels music, and actually proved to be better with a more of a gospel/rock sound. "All I'm Living For" was an upbeat worship track of adoration to God, telling Him that He is our everything and all we live for.

"Fire" slowed things down a bit, with acoustic guitars and a bit of a slower pop sound. Even though I was captivated by the upbeatness of the first two tracks, "Fire" caught my attention with the cool melody and powerful lyrics, telling Jesus that we want more of Him in our lives. The piano in "Taking Back Love Tonight" caught my attention, as the band speaks of how we all need love, and need to "lose ourselves in Jesus."

"Burning" was a very fun track, featuring a souothern rock sound that was very catchy and enjoyable to sing along to, while "I Will Give You Peace" was a beautiful piano track, reminding the listener from God's perspective to let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts, especially during troubled times. "Love So Beautiful" was a bit typical, but was a nice contemporary worship song of praise to God for His love toward us.

"Sad Sad Tears" was honestly a sad track, with acoustic guitars and strings, and gets listeners prepared for "Way Of Life," a slower Hillsong United-like track. This track, which seemed like a part two to "Taking Back Love Tonight," built nicely by the second verse, delivering a very honest message of how we all need to make a love a way of life.

"California" was a bit hard to follow, but was obviously a story turned into lyrics, and had very unique and cool lyrics. Following is "Leaving Here," the closing track, which was fun as well, and I was glad to see Echoing Angels sophomore project close on an upbeat happy note with banjos and bit of a fun country sound.

In some ways, Echoing Angels' self-titled project was similar to their You Alone album, but for the most part, this new album takes a turn to a more southern gospel/ southern rock sound. From this project, I especially enjoyed the upbeat tracks such as the lead-guitar packed "Say What You Believe" and the fast-paced "Burning."  Also, there are several worship songs such as "I Will Give You Peace," and "Fire," and even a few relationship ballads such as "Sad Sad Tears." This album has much variety, which definitely makes the project enjoyable.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: March 22, 2011

Track listing:
1. Say What You Believe
2. All I'm Living For
3. Fire
4. Taking Back Love Tonight
5. Burning
6. I Will Give You Peace
7. Love So Beautiful
8. Sad Sad Tears
9. Way of Life
10. California
11. Leaving Here

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  1. Good album review I enjoyed it :) I know I liked the songs called Say What You Believe and Give You Peace as they are good songs I will check out this album as soon as I can :)


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