Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cortni: The After Party Review

In today's day and age, teenagers are looking for a role model, someone to look up to. 18-year-old Cortni releases her debut project The After Party May 10th, a project sure to inspire teenagers through her encouraging teen pop with inspiring lyrics and fun music. Through The After Party, Cortni shares that even though we all experience pain and trials in this life, we can enjoy our lives here and now, and then we can have total peace in Heaven, the "after party." Cortni also shares the importance of finding love in the right places through her radio single "True Love."

The After Party begins with "Trophy Man," a very catchy teen pop track, speaking of standing for what you believe, and finding your praise from God -- not being afraid of what others will think of you. Following is the title track, an encouraging track about enjoying life in the here and now. The electric ambient sound effects were an asset, as was the cheerleading act: "A-F-T-E-R  P-A-R-T-Y NOW!" Both of the opening two tracks were very catchy and upbeat, provoking the listener to drop what they are doing and sing along.

"Sunshine," a saxaphone-composed and choir-backed track was very enjoyable, and is followed by "True Love," a very encouraging track about finding love in the right place -- from God. Although it did slow things down quite a bit, I enjoyed this message, and it is definitely one that teens around the world need to hear more often.

"Love Is Always Waiting" reminded me very much of the slower, gospel tracks on Rachael Lampa's Kaleidoscope album, and shows off Cortni's flexible vocals, as she hits some very high notes. "Alone With You" picked up the pace again, with boombing drums in this track sure to make you move in your seat or get up and dance along, and speaks of the desire to have a deeper relationship with God.

With the guitar-driven and melodious "Dream Big," Cortni challenges to do just that: dream big and go for the goals God has placed inside of us. I found this track to be very encouraging as well, and I'm sure it will be a favorite of the listeners of this project. Just over half-way through this track, a short lead-guitar solo was a huge asset to this track. "Change Me," made perfect by the overpowering strings mixed with the strong drums, was a slower, powerful worship song asking God to change us and take away the pain in our lives. I definitely enjoyed this track from The After Party as well.

"God Knows" provides an encouraging message that God knows where we have been and what we've done, and was enjoyable when the key changed to a higher note with stronger drums. "Ruin Me," an electric-sounding song with piano, was very enjoyable as well, with very catchy harmonies and lyrics, definitely sure to be enjoyable to the listener. The high-energy, saxaphone, and blues track "Walls of Glass" was an extremely enjoyable track that ended The After Party with the same energy as that of the opening track, "Trophy Man." The choir appeance of the chorus was a huge enjoyment as well, and helped end Cortni's debut album in a fun mood.

Cortni's The After Party album is a very impressive debut. Full of encouraging lyrics, plus catchy melodies and pop music, The After Party is definitely an album for the teenage pop lover. Cortni's message of finding love in the right place and enjoying life is sure to make an impact on the listener. Be sure to check this project out upon it's May 10th release!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: May 10, 2011

Track listing:
1. Trophy Man
2. The After Party
3. Sunshine
4. True Love
5. Love Is Always Waiting
6. Alone With You
7. Dream Big
8. Change Me
9. God Knows
10. Ruin Me
11. Walls of Glass


  1. Good album review I enjoyed it :) I will check out her music as soon as I can since this my first hearing about her :)

  2. I honestly had not heard of her. I must look her up.

  3. Her voice is phenomenal!
    I wasn't expecting that voice when I heard sunshine. Thanks for the great review!


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