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Brandon Heath: Leaving Eden Review

Multiple Dove Award winning artist Brandon Heath returns with his third studio project Leaving Eden as the anticipated follow up to his blockbuster album What If We. Now, after such hits as "I'm Not Who I Was," "Wait and See," "Love Never Fails," and perhaps the most popular, "Give Me Your Eyes," Brandon is back at it again with an eleven-track album sure to include a few hits, and already seeing several tracks, including "Your Love" receive national radio attention.

Leaving Eden opens up strongly with haunting music and booming drums in the title track. Taking advantage of every blank spot in the track, with extra harmony, Brandon sings a thought-provoking track about how it seems that things are getting worse around us all the time and aren't getting any better -- that we are "leaving eden." The haunting effect of the track was very enjoyable, and leads into the gorgeous worship track and first radio single from this album, "Your Love." Beginning with the beautiful piano, "Your Love" was an immediate sensation for me when I first heard it, and the amazing lyrics, written by Brandon and the very talented Jason Ingram about God's love and faithfulness to us, was very enjoyable as well.

"The Light In Me" had a touch of a futuristic feel to it, speaking of the light that God has placed in each of us, and is a prayer that it will shine out of us "so that the world can see/ You put the light in me." I enjoyed the bit of repetion in this track that made it very full. The slower, "Only Water," was a bit hard to follow, but seemed to be talking about rebirth through baptism, and uses very colorful country descriptions of a Nebraska plain and a downpour after a drought. "Stolen" follows, composed of a steady drumbeat, and speaks of how God seeks to find us after we have strayed: "Because You love/ You won't give up/ 'Til my heart is stolen/ 'Til my heart is stolen away."

"Might Just Save Your Life," with a finger-snapping drum beat, speaks of picking up our weapons and fighting the devil and makes great usage of "uh-huh" fillers, and also builds up into a strong track by the second chorus. However, as half the track was the "uh-huh" rhetoric, that probably would have been a more apt title. :) The sad-sounding, string-based track "It's Alright" encourages the listener to hang on, because Jesus will be strong in our lives when we are weakest.

"It's No Good to Be Alone" sounded Mandisa-like with a catchy pop sound, and energetic harmonies that will leave you singing along, as "Now More Than Ever" seemed to be part two to the previous track, speaking of our desperate need for God. The string backing was very enjoyable, as was the beautiful melody of the chorus. "Now More Than Ever" was definitely a highlight from Brandon's latest project Leaving Eden.

"The One" sounded comparable to Brandon's previous radio single "Give Me Your Eyes," and speaks of the fact that it only takes one to change the world, and we can be that one. Leaving Eden is ended with "As Long As I'm Here," a very melodious, string-based track, and speaks of continuing our journey with God until we make it to heaven. All in all, because this track was so soothing and very worshipful, it put a perfect end to Brandon Heath's Leaving Eden project.

Brandon Heath's latest project Leaving Eden will not, in any way, disappoint fans of his previous works, but it does contain more of a futuristic and slightly haunting feel to it. I enjoyed Brandon's Leaving Eden project from start to finish, although I particularly enjoyed the more upbeat tracks such as "Your Love" and "Leaving Eden," and the worship provided through such tracks as "As Long As I'm Here." The colorful lyrics were an added bonus, showing Brandon's extraordinary songwriting talent that put a bit of a country feeling to this album.  Leaving Eden will most definitely see Brandon picking up a few awards next year!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: January 18, 2011

Track listing:
1. Leaving Eden
2. Your Love
3. The Light In Me
4. Only Water
5. Stolen
6. Might Just Save Your Life
7. It's Alright
8. It's No Good to Be Alone
9. Now More Than Ever
10. The One
11. As Long As I'm Here

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  1. Good album review I enjoyed it and I got to get it album as soon as I can :)


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