Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Becoming the Archetype: Celestial Completion Review

Check out Mike's guest review of Becoming the Archetype's new project Celestial Completion! Review below:

Three years after the release of Dichotomy, Becoming the Archetype has finally released their fourth studio project--Celestial Completion, one of the most-anticipated metal albums of the year.  Complete with their "full" metal sound they're known for, this album is no let down for BTA fans.

The first track, "The Resonant Frequency of Flesh," gets listeners into the music with the solemn tone of violins and deep choir voices.  About mid-way in the song, deep grunge kicks in adding a whole dimension to the strings.  "The Magnetic Sky" is a vicorious anthem with lyrics about the coming of Christ, when "soul and sky are magnetizing."  The pounding grunge and duo-guitar riffs throughout the song enhance the excellent lyrics like "We have come alive/In this magnetic sky/We have come alive/And death shall be no more/This is what we were created for."

Also a heavy track with Becoming the Archetype's incredible full sound is "Internal Illumination."  Incorporated into this track is what sounds like a church organ, adding to it's slightly eerie/futuristic feel.  Based on the lyrics, I believe the song is refering to Christ as the source of our internal illumination: "But now the veil is broken, The light is clearly seen/The lines begin to blur and reveal what's always been."  "Path of the Beam" is an excellent song about the end of the world, as we live forever with God.  With BTA's signiture sound of dual riffs and guitar screams, this track is definitely a top track from the album.

"Music Of The Spheres" is an short piano/flute instrumental.  It is appropriately named, as it gives a peaceful impression of life with God after the world is rolled up like a scroll.  Even if you're no fan of metal, you will certainly enjoy this short track that opens "Elemental Wrath."  This next song is the longest track of the album, with impressive sound and lyrics about the coming wrath of everlasting death: "There is a void where the heart should be, but a stone has held its place/While there is likeness of the human form, no existence lights his face."  A good section of the song is piano, enriching the solemn impression carried through the track.

"Xenosynthesis," a continuation of "Elemental Wrath," expresses the hope in Christ during the last, dark days of the world.  The vocals on the verses are deeper than most of the other tracks, and are enhanced by the sound of a female choir singing "Soli Deo Gloria" throughout the song.  "Invisible Creature" is an introduction to the next track and gives the feel of a foreign culture with its unique instruments.  Continuing the theme, "Cardiac Rebellion" is a heavy song filled with machine gun-like drumming and with lyrics about the invisible nature taking over: "Listen now unto the call/Like nothing heard before/Living hearts begin to crawl/Bursting forth through stubborn flesh/The invisible nature is taking over/Taking over from within."  This track is different in that it has the trombone, and that end of the track has a ska-like style than BTA may not be particularly fond of.

Track 10 is "Reflect/Refract"--my favorite song off the album because it combines worshipful lyrics with the metal style of music.  With pounding grunge, duo-lead guitar, and strong violin, the lyrics are screaming, "Father of lights/Shine upon us here/Take the darkness from our hearts/Make it disappear," and "Break me/Remake me/A mirror that reflects your glory."  The last track is "Breathing Light," a beautiful and victorious song about eternity in heaven, while all evil has vanished.  With lyrics like "As the whole world falls apart/Broken souls are healed/We are breathing light/It sets our hearts glow."  The track is an excellent end to a great album, telling of the hope at the end of the world.

One thing about Celestial Completion that I noticed was the harmony between the music and the album art.  Both tell the same story of Christ's return and the end of the world.  The order of tracks on the album couldn't have been better, starting with a solumn tone and ending with the victory of eternity.  The only thing this album didn't have much of in comparison to previous albums was acoustic guitar.  However, the album was no disappointment because of it's amazing full sound and impressive guitarwork.  The album could be Becoming the Archetype's best album yet!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: March 29, 2011

Track listing:
1. The Resonant Frequency of Flesh
2. The Magnetic Sky
3. Internal Illumination
4. The Path of the Beam
5. Music of the Spheres (Requiem Aeternam, Part I)
6. Elemental Wrath (Requiem Aeternam, Part II)
7. Xenosynthesis (Requiem Aeternam, Part III)
8. Invisible Creature
9. Cardiac Rebellion
10. Reflect/Refract
11. Breathing Light


  1. WOW! The words were amazing! I kept saying "wow"wow" reading the lyrics. When I read or hear something that touches me I squint my eyes and me eyes were squinting my friends:)

  2. Wow, fantastic review! Extremely thorough, and very well done! Good job :)

  3. Thanks guys! :)

    @dajaun Yeah, the lyrics are top of the line in this album! I love it!

  4. Wow! Mike did a great job with this review! Thanks for posting it Jay! :)

  5. Good album review I enjoyed it even though I haven't heard of this artist before till I read this review :) not sure if it would be the kind of music I would listen into anyways if it is that Christian Hardcore music which I only listen to some times :)


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