Friday, April 15, 2011

Abandon: Control Review

There is a difference between a good album and an outstanding album. Abandon's sophomore project Control is the latter. With an all-new thirteen-track album, Abandon asks the thought-provoking question, "Who is in control of your life? Is it you, or is it God?"

The extremely catchy track and radio single "Feel It In Your Heart" kicks things off superbly, speaking of following the plan that the Lord has placed in each of our hearts. The guitar driven track was excellent, followed by "Help," an equally awesome track. "Help" carried a little bit of an older Newsboys sentiment with the fill-ins sounding much like Peter Furler, although the rest of the track, pleading for help from God, sounded much like MIKESCHAIR music.

"Live It Out" begins with a haunting wind sound that reminded me of Natalie Grant's "Your Great Name" track, but was actually a nice rock track speaking of making a difference by living God's love out to the world. "SOS," one of two tracks on Control co-written by Aaron Gillespie, reminded me very much of "Straight to Your Heart" by Mikeschair, and also contains a bit of an Anthem Lights sentiment to it. This track is a cry to God, asking Him for the help that comes when we surrender ourselves to Him.

"Your Love Goes On" is a slightly-slower, acoustic-guitar based track with booming drums, speaking of how the love of God is a constant. Both musically and lyrically, this track reminded me of Chasen's "On and On," and was therefore quite enjoyable and worshipful. While still slower, "Let Go" speaks of surrendering all control to God and is followed by "New Years Day," a track speaking of the newness that we experience in Christ when He comes in and changes us. The fill-ins in between the verses were a huge asset to this track.

"Talk to Me," is another catchy track, asking God to take full control of our lives. The lyrics of the chorus are especially enjoyable: "I don’t know which way to go/ Cause I’ve never been down this road/ I’m tired of second-guessing and obsessing/ So I’m asking please/ Talk to me!" "Push It Away," also co-written by Aaron Gillespie, bears resemblance to Newsboys' radio single "Miracles," and encourages Christians to never be moved by tough times, but to remain strong in our faith.

"Under Fire" speaks of knowing the truth even through the fire: "Though we haven't seen Your face/ we know that we walk by faith/ we are under fire/ but it only burns all doubt away." "Why Does It Take So Long?" is a song of lamentation, asking why it takes so long for us to find our way home: "I've carried this cross/ I've been lost and lonely/ I had to walk this world to see/ that You are where I want to be/ and why does it take so long/ to find my way home?" "Known" is a slightly slower song with encouraging lyrics to those who feel worthless, reminding them that God is there to help us in times of our weakness.

Abandon's Control project is ended with "Hero," slightly different from the radio version, as it contains more drums, and background effects not heard on radio. The mostly piano-based track that tells the story of Jesus was very enjoyable, and put a very nice ending to Control from Abandon.

Abandon's Control project is a good mix of many modern rock bands, such as Anthem Lights, Chasen, MIKESCHAIR, Downhere, and others. I very much enjoyed Abandon's sophomore project, full of thought-provoking lyrics, amazing vocals, and a totally catchy rock sound. This album has something for everyone, from the upbeat and dance-provoking, "Feel It In Your Heart," and "SOS," to the slower, worship tracks such as "Hero," and "New Years Day." I highly recommend this album to fans of Christian rock, and fans of the radio singles "Feel It In Your Heart" and "Hero"!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: April 19th, 2011

Track listing:
1. Feel It In Your Heart
2. Help
3. Live It Out
4. SOS
5. Your Love Goes On
6. Let Go
7. New Years Day
8. Talk to Me
9. Push It Away
10. Under Fire
11. Why Does it Take So Long?
12. Known
13. Hero


  1. I love this bannnnd!! I can't wait for it to come out. !!

  2. Good album review I enjoyed it :) I will check it out as soon as I can :) I also love Feel It In Your Heart as I heard it on NRT Radio and it is a awesome song :)


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