Monday, March 21, 2011

Ryan Stevenson: Yesterday, Today, Forever Review

Ryan Stevenson makes a solid debut with Yesterday, Today, Forever, a six-track album on BEC Recordings. Yesterday, Today, Forever, although only half-hour, provides a strong debut for Ryan, with lyrically-rich pop/rock tracks.

The title track and Ryan's first radio single gets things started on an upbeat note with booming drums and noticeable bass, and leads a declaration of God's constancy: "Yesterday, today, forever/ all may change but You will never/ Glory to Your name." "No One Ever Cared" followed, and was easily my favorite track from Ryan's debut. With a catchy pop/rock sound provoking breakdancing, Ryan's emphatic singing about the amazing sacrifice God made for us was very enjoyable. I simply couldn't get enough of this track, and I think this would be a perfect radio single for Ryan in the near future.

"Let the Praises Rise" follows on the slower side of things, with a slightly electronic sound and cool effects throughout, as a very worshipful track. "Into the Sun," also on the slower side of things with a bit of a "clappy" sounding beat, tells Ryan's testimony, speaking of finding healing, and the scars that are left behind.

Ryan's Yesterday, Today, Forever album ends with two versions of "We Got the Light," both the official version and the radio edit. It's not hard to see why this track is releasing to radio, because its booming drums, attractive bass, and fill-ins were all quite enjoyable.

It may only be six-tracks, but Ryan Stevenson's debut on BEC Recordings was quite enjoyable. I found myself putting the album on repeat and listening straight through several times. Being a pop/rock addict, I thoroughly enjoyed Ryan's debut CD, and would suggest this album especially to fans of Britt Nicole for the enjoyable pop. This album is sure to get stuck on your top-rated playlist!

Rating: 4.5/5

Track listing:
1. Yesterday, Today, Forever
2. No One Ever Cared
3. Let the Praises Rise
4. In the Sun
5. We Got the Light
6. We Got the Light (radio mix)

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  1. Good album review. I am sure I will check out his album or even his music too :)


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