Tuesday, March 15, 2011

News From Verona: All I Know is I Know Nothing Review

I first discovered the Eden Records band News from Verona several months ago, when it was announced that this independent group would be heading on the Everything Matters Tour with Attaboy, another of my favorite independent bands. I decided to check out News from Verona's debut, five-track CD All I Know Is I Know Nothing, and I was pleased with the result.

All I Know is I Know Nothing begins on a punk/rock sound, similar to Hawk Nelson or Stellar Kart with "So Long." Speaking to someone who is causing trouble and needs to leave, the band sings these lyrics in an enjoyable punk style: "I already know, oh everything your gonna say/ when you say it all begging for what little grace remains within eme/ you let me think you were sent from above for so long/ so long." The title track follows on the same upbeat note, in Ecclestiastes style, commenting that "breathing doesn't mean you're alive" and then adds: "This is the end of everything I know/ I need the answer to the only question that I own/ are we alone on our own/ or are we meant to be something extraordinary?" I enjoyed the answer to this question that appeared in the bridge: "And the difference is the only thing I know is that I know nothing, but I live for something more!"

"Victory" was a bit hard to follow, but speaks about surrendering during a relationship about to fall apart, as "Childish Things" and "Liars" end the CD on the same note, speaking of trouble in relationships that need to be mended.

I'm not too big a fan of relationship songs, but I did enjoy the punk/rock sound of News From Verona, that was similar in sound to what you could except from Children 18:3, Hawk Nelson, or Stellar Kart. This band definitely shows promise, and I will be looking forward to a full-length project from this group!

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:
1. So Long
2. All I Know is I Know Nothing
3. Victory
4. Childish Things
5. Liars

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  1. Good album review I enjoyed it :) I haven't heard of that band before but I will be checking them out real soon :)


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