Friday, March 4, 2011

New Music from Peter Furler!

If you like Peter Furler on Facebook, then you know that he has been working on a solo project. Well check this out: He is working on this new project with producer Seth Mosley (and lead singer of Me In Motion, I might add), and Phil Joel! With this unbelievable lineup, Peter recently announced the release of his first solo single "Reach," set to release to radio on March 25th, and will be for sale starting April 19th!

Be in the know with all the latest on Peter's solo project by liking his Facebook page here.


  1. Thanks for the wake up call Jay! I didn't see this coming at all.

  2. This is awesome you are talking about Peter Furler and his solo music. It should be a awesome solo album from him. Looking forward to hearing his new radio single called Reach. It is awesome he is working with Seth from Me In Motion and Phil Joel. It is good to see both of old Newsboys guys getting back together again which is Peter Furler and Phil Joel. I also saw on Justin's Music Blog that he has signed with Sparrow Records :) looking forward to hearing this new album from him :)

  3. I have to mention I love his new song called Reach. I listened to it on his Faceboook fan page. I will be listening to it a lot more too :)


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