Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mary Mary: Something BIG Review

Mary Mary has been around for many years. But it wasn't until the release of their GRAMMY award winning album The Sound that fans were left coming back for more. And now Mary Mary is giving fans their wish through Something Big, releasing on Columbia Records March 29th.

Something Big begins on a high-energy note with the title track, a declaration of praise for the "big thing" that God did for us by saving us and making us new again. Highlighted by booming drums, a catchy pop sound, and a bit of a piano blend, this title track was very enjoyable, even including a choir echoing the lyrics of the chorus. I didn't particularly enjoy the line saying that Jesus "is alright," but other than that, it was an awesome opening track. Ironically, "Something Bigger" follows, equally as upbeat and poppy.

"Blind" was one of the highlights on the album, being on the slower side of things, but definitely being very catchy as well. "It Is Well" follows with beautiful choir backgrounds, and is a timeless reminder that when all else fails, it is well, because God is on our side.

"Never Wave My Flag" followed, sounding as if it would also be on the slower side of things. However, after a few surges of energy, the track progresses to anupbeat, poppy track, sounding similar to what one might expect from Group 1 Crew. Blending in perfectly is the radio single "Walking" full of energy of all types. Personally, "Walking" was on of my original favorites for the album, so I'm not surprised to see this energetic track make the Christian charts.

Besides the somewhat weird effects in it, "Slow Walk," a short one-minute track, was a perfect Side B to "Walking," even containing the same rhythm. Ironically, "Survive" keeps this same flow going with cool choir effects and catchy piano acts throughout the chorus.

"Are You Ready?" was one of the best tracks on Something Big, with very encouraging lyrics and easy-to-remember lyrics, while "Catch Me" was probably one of the most worshipful tracks on the record, speaking of how when we fall, God is there to catch us. "Sitting With Me" has superb lyrics as well, and slowed things down just a bit in preparation of "Homecoming Glory," another favorite from Something Big, speaking of telling the story of the glorious day when the Lord comes back to earth to get us and bring us home.

Mary Mary's Something Big took me a bit of getting used to, simply because I wasn't 100% used to the extreme pop sound. But once I had listened to the album a few times through, I couldn't get the awesome tracks out of my head! It is no doubt that Mary Mary is showing yet another sign of progression through Something Big, with twelve excellent, encouraging tracks that speak to the heart.

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:
1. Something BIG
2. Something Bigger
3. Blind
4. It Is Well
5. Never Wave My Flag
6. Walking
7. Slow Walk
8. Survive
9. Are You Ready?
10. Catch Me
11. Sitting With Me
12. Homecoming Glory


  1. Might have to check this album out. Great review!

  2. Good album review I will have to check out this album from Mary Mary :)

  3. This album is excellent! Awesome review Jay!


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