Monday, March 21, 2011

Holly Starr: Tapestry Review

Holly Starr's second studio release Tapestry is one definitely worth the listen. Through this project, the 21-year-old brings a refreshing sound of both upbeat, contemporary tracks and slower worshipful tracks full of honesty and truth.

The radio single "Undertow" gets things started off on a very enjoyable upbeat sound, speaking of the undertows we all face, and is a prayer to God asking Him to rescue us from them. The equally as upbeat track, "Surrender" contains encouraging lyrics in a prayer to God to take our broken lives that we surrender and make them new: "I wanna give my whole life to the One who traded all His crowns/ let our broken lives be found/ I surrender."

"Take Me As I Am," on the slower side of things, speaks of the paradox that many Christians face: "I'm supposed to be in love with You/ why do I fail You all the time?/ I'm supposed to be in love with You/ but I'm afraid that it's a lie." This track definitely showed off Holly's amazing lyrics and refreshing worship sound, as "What Is Love" showed off Holly's exceptional soaring vocals, in a song about the uselessness of love, if not acted upon.

"Come Close" had rythymic singing and brought back the enjoyable upbeat sound, making "Come Close," about drawing nearer to God very enjoyable. "I'll Watch You Dance" was a sweet love song on the slower side of things, as "My Cry" was a gorgeous worship track, speaking of the cry of our heart -- for Jesus to be glorified in all we do.

"Holding On to You" gets things rolling again, packed with encouraging lyrics about holding on to God during everything, because "if I fall tonight/ I'll be alright." "I Will Love You Anyway" again features soaring lyrics in this heart-breaking song, as Holly sings to someone who hurt her deeply, but she chooses to love them anyway. Finally, Tapestry ends with "Psalm 23," practically the beloved Psalm put to beautiful music, and the addition of a magnificent chorus. Honestly, "Psalm 23" was one of my favorites from her Tapestry project, and one that I found on repeat.

I thoroughly enjoyed Holly Starr's sophomore project Tapestry. Full of honest lyrics, a mix of both upbeat and slower music, and amazing vocals, Tapestry was outstanding. I am very glad I had the chance to check out this project, and I highly recommend that fans of slower Rebecca St. James music check out Holly's new album as soon as possible.

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: October 19, 2010

Track listing:
1. Undertow
2. Surrender
3. Take Me As I Am
4. What Is Love
5. Come Close
6. I'll Watch You Dance
7. My Cry
8. Holding Onto You
9. I Love You Anyway
10. Psalm 23


  1. ooh, it's really pretty. :)

    You know what I'm kind of obssessed with right now? That song "I love what you hold me" featuring Toby Mac...

    aaah, it's so good! Everytime it comes on the radio I turn it up and do this little... side to side in the carseat, thing. :P

  2. What is my disfunction?! I meant "I love the way you hold me."
    I must have been thinking about something when I was commenting...

    I dunno.
    Sorry. :P

  3. Good album review for this new album from Holly Starr. I am looking forward to hearing this album from her.

  4. Thanks, Jay, for this thoughtful and personal response to Tapestry. I got to experience Holly and her band live, and they were amazing! The professional studio work on this album makes it an enduring treasure.


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