Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Jamie Grace Music!

Check it out! Jamie Grace's "Hold Me" is free this week, courtesy of the iTunes Discovery Download! In addition, be sure to go pick up your free copy of her song "Revolvin'" right here!


  1. yay! :D isn't that such an awesome song? :)


  2. Thanks :) I saw that but since I saw it was on iTunes I decided not to download it since the last time I saw there it was a free download on iTunes for Christmas This Year by tobyMac with Leigh Nash it wasn't free at all. Not a big fan of iTunes anyways since I usually have to convert all songs I get from iTunes from M4A file to a MP3 file :) I will just listen to this song on her YouTube page :) but I have listened to Revolvin a lot since it is a good song :)

  3. I also wanted to add that I love this song so much since tobyMac is featured on the song :)

  4. We are going to the Revolve Conference this weekend and we'll be seeing Jamie Grace - my daughter and I are SO excited! Just prayin' the bad weather doesn't interfere with our ability to get there!!

  5. Super cool, Carole! Hope you and your daughter have a blast! Say hi to Jamie Grace for me! :D


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