Thursday, March 3, 2011

Francesca Battistelli: Hundred More Years Review

Francesca Battistelli's debut project My Paper Heart was such a smash hit (even re-releasing as a deluxe edition), that she is doing it again with her highly anticipated followup Hundred More Years. Francesca's dynamic singing voice and catchy music makes it easy to see why she is so popular with only two albums. And Hundred More Years is likely to carry many more singles to radio as well.

The radio single "This is the Stuff" gets things rolling well with a country/contemporary feel, reminding the listener that irritations of this life are only temporary, and that we are truly blessed: "This is the stuff that drives me crazy/ this is the stuff/ someone save me/ in the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I'm blessed." Following is "Constant," featuring the beloved catchy pop sound that Francesca is well-known for. Featuring delightful harmonies and an encouraging message, "Constant" is a worship song thanking God that He is always our constant, even though we as humans are always changing.

"You Never Are" was easily my favorite from Hundred More Years, with booming drums and noticable beat that made for a very catchy track. In addition, the lyrics of this track speak right to the heart of the listener, reminding them that it is never too late to turn around and come home to God: "So scared that you're too late, too hidden in the dark/ but you never, you never are." "Angel By Your Side" reminded me lyrically of Sixteen Cities' "Pray You Through" hit, with lyrics of being there and encouraging a friend through their toughest times: "I'll be the angel by your side/ I will get you through the night/ I'll be the strength you can't provide on your own..."

"Motion of Mercy" lost my attention just a bit, but did highly compliment Francesca's wide range of vocals. My attention was quickly regained by the pop track "Emily (It's Love)" featuring remarkable background vocals from Dave Barnes, as the duet reminds the listener of the goodness of God's love and His mercy toward us. I probably would have loved to see Dave play a bigger role in this song, perhaps singing the second verse, but his perfect harmonizing made for an extremely enjoyable track from Francesca. "Good to Know" followed on the same upbeat, catchy note, showing off Francesca's catchy fillins that appeared throughout the track.

"So Long" is a little boring on the slower side of things," while "Don't Miss It" reminds the listener of "This Is Your Life" from her debut project My Paper Heart, speaking of taking chances. "Worth It" was a beautiful love song written to Francesca's husband Matt, speaking of the challenges of love, but how it is worth it nevertheless. Definitely a highlight was the gorgeous bridge speaking of why holding together during struggles is very important.

The title track, "Hundred More Years" was a very moving love track about a perfect marriage that lasts for a hundred years. A song that would definitely be perfect for a romantic film, the guitar-based love song was a definite highlight from this album, and a perfect way to end Francesca's second album on Fervent records. It also showed off Francesca's high and gentle voice.

With Francesca's second studio album, Hundred More Years, it is no wonder that her career exploded from day one. With highly contageous music mixed with her beautiful voice, Francesca shows no signs of stopping with Hundred More Years. This album is sure to pick up Franny a few #1 hits, and hopefully a few awards as well!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: March 1, 2011

Track listing:
1. This is the Stuff
2. Constant
3. You Never Are
4. Angel By Your Side
5. Motion of Mercy
6. Emily (It's Love)
7. Good to Know
8. So Long
9. Don't Miss It
10. Worth It
11. Hundred More Years

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  1. very good album review I enjoyed it I love this new album and I listned to it today and I love it once again like the other times I have listened to it :) it is real awesome album from her :)


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