Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fallstar Releases Debut Through Come and Live

Check out this press release about the Portland-based band Fallstar, releasing their debut project for free through Come and Live!

Visit to right now to download the album that’s been garnering rave reviews from all over the globe. Emerging from Portland, Oregon, Fallstar’s Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter. has been called raw, progressive and one of the best releases of 2011 so far. The band has opted to give away the album as a free gift through Come and Live! so enjoy this gift and if you feel so inclined, donate a buck or two! It’s your choice!

“A dynamic and eclectic album, Fallstar is doing something we rarely see these days in this genre; employing originality! The record easily shifts between crushing breakdowns and melodic bliss while still maintaining a consistent feel and message throughout.” –AMP Magazine
The record itself is one of the best of 2011, combining beautifully soaring vocals with breakdowns that pride themselves on precision.Substream Music Press
“This album has earned itself a spot on the regular rotation around here. I, myself have probably listened to it 6 or 8 times this week alone, beating out releases from several major label national bands.”
“This record will surely stand out among the never ending wave of emerging artists in this genre and will once again prove that there is originality out there. Don’t expect Fallstar to be flying under the radar for much longer.” Magazine
Fallstar is:Chris Ratzlaff/Vocals
Justin Haag/Guitar
Bryan Ratzlaff/Bass
Jason Brown/Guitar
Cody Carrier/Drums

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  1. Thanks :) I will check out that album and download it then listen to it as soon as I can :) it seems it is a real good album from what those reviews said :)


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