Monday, March 14, 2011

CSN Stores Solves My Headphones Problem...

Remember recently when I complained about how terrible headphones are these days? Well, I found my dream pair of headphones thanks to! I actually bought two pairs, one for my keyboard and one for my mp3 player. These headphones have everything I wanted: a long cord, volume control on the headset, excellent sound cancellation, and they are even comfortable on my head.

In addition, CSN Stores, as always, shipped these out to me super quickly. I actually also ordered a few other miscellaneous items from CSN Stores, including a business card holder, and received them within 24 hours of ordering them... unbelievable! CSN Store's quick shipping is perhaps the greatest part of the order. Having shopped several times with them, I always receive my orders within five days.

One thing about my order worth noting, was that I had originally ordered a pair of headphones that had a microphone on it. They had a loose connection within two days, but the CSN Stores customer service was very helpful and gave me the option of a new set, or a replacement. Instead, I choose this new pair, which I am totally satisfied with.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you check out CSN Stores for your office or home supplies of any kind. Their extremely fast shipping and great customer service are definitely appreciated, and I have enjoyed doing business with them each time. Check them out today!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by CSN Stores. However, all the views presented therein are the sole opinions of the owner of this blog, and do not necessarily represent those of CSN stores. Thank you.


  1. Those look so cool! So much fun to use :) You won't be able to hear anything except your music!

  2. Lucky --

    over thanksgiving I lost my dollar store ear buds and had nothing to listen to my MP3 on. Music is my life so -- I was rather destraught. Anyway... my uncle gave me a pair of his and said "merry Christmas". They're -- so amazing. Oh my gosh. They take batteries, and they have a feature that blocks out all outside noise. I used them whilst we were there and then as soon as I got home I bought new dollar store headphones and only use these for my laptop/school. They're pretty much beautiful.

    But then I have an uncanny liking towards anything music...reading...or phoogrpahy. So buy me cool head phones a fancy bookmark or a lense for my camera and I'll pretty much love you forever. :P

    Anyway -- great headphones. Happy for ya. :)



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