Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book Review: Michael W. Smith -- What I Learned From A Simple Blessing

The world-renown singer/songwriter Michael W. Smith returns, this time not with an album, but with a book -- What I Learned From A Simple Blessing: The Extraordinary Power of An Ordinary Prayer. After praying a simple prayer of blessing for his audience on an Alaskan cruise ship, Michael was shocked by the overwhelming response. Michael was inspired to write this book, exploring the reasons why prayers of blessing are powerful.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect at first from Michael, but I did enjoy reading his thoughts on blessing others. In chapter one, he explains the importance of being selfless givers, more concerned about others than ourselves. This leads him in the following five chapters exploring Michael's prayer of blessing. In chapter two, Michael explores our spiritual health, and how things growing in God doesn't always come easily, and that we cannot expect to grow in God if we don't apply to our lives the things we have already learned. In fact, Michael points out that many people who call themselves Christians do not take up their cross daily to follow Jesus. In chapter two, Michael explores the need for filling our mind with Godly things and not settling for the negative, and continues this message in chapter three, with a look at what true holiness is. Chapter five was probably my favorite from Michael's book, as he took a look at what he called "Backyard blessings," the everyday blessings, such as marriage, family, and what may not seem like a blessing that Michael says definitely is -- duty and sacrifice.

Finally, chapter six closes Michael's book with a chapter on spiritual victory, focusing on the importance of our words in other's life. Michael also summarizes the main point of the book's message -- we have the power to be a blessing to others through our words and the power of Jesus Christ.

Michael's new book What I Learned from A Simple Blessing was a very easy reader. It's small size and decorative pages make it very enjoyable to read as well. Fans of Michael W. Smith's will especially enjoy the stories that Michael shares of his personal life as well as his life out on the road. In addition, the inspiring message of being a blessing to others is very encouraging and enlightening.

Publisher: Zondervan
Pages: 165


  1. Good review I enjoyed it I will have to check it out when it is released :)

  2. Good review!

    Yesterday, the boys and I watched a music video of Phil Keaggy and Michael Card. OMG they look so old!! Have you ever heard Michael Card's stuff?

  3. Awesome! I'll definitely have to read that!

  4. Thanks, Josh and Justin! :)

    Rebecca: I'm not sure... I definitely remember the name, but nothing comes to mind. I'll have to check him out! I really like Phil Keaggy! :)


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