Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blessid Union of Souls: The Mission Field Review

Blessid Union of Souls has been rocking their sound since 1990. Now, with many hits, including three top tens and a number one, the group releases The Mission Field. Singer Eliot Sloan hopes the listener will come closer to God through this album, stating, "You can never get too close to God, and throughout all of these songs, I'm always going in that direction."

Blessid Union of Souls (also known simply as Blessid Union) opens up The Mission Field with "Miracles," a piano-pop track mixed with gospel piano sure to make you move. Speaking of the fact that miracles are all around us, "Miracles" was all around a great track. "Sweet Providence" was more on the average side of things, with a more contemporary sound to it, and is followed by the radio single from The Mission Field, "The Only Song." Another fun pop track, this radio single's rhythmic vocals and matching percussion make for a very enjoyable worship track.

The title track and "Hold On" slowed things down considerably, but proved to be a very powerful worship tracks, and was followed by "Healing," another powerful track about praying for healing and peace, rather than for things we don't need and don't satisfy. Ironically, "I Still Believe in Love" followed sounding nearly identical to "Healing," but seemed to accentuate Elliot's soaring vocals, through a mix of high and low lyrics.

"Higher Calling" reminded me very much of Lincoln Brewster's "Reaching For You Single," as both have an electronic sounding drumbeat. Also, this track was very cool to show off Elliot's unique vocals again, as he sang each verse very low, only to raise an octave by the arrival of the chorus.

"Come Undone" speaks about marriage, coming back together and being one again, as "Pray For You"'s gorgeous piano/lyrics mixture reminded me of Sixteen Cities' "Pray You Through" track, speaking of praying for those who are feeling hopeless. Because of the powerful lyrics, "Pray For You" was definitely a highlight off The Mission Field project.

Finally, "Back From the Dead" puts a good end to Blessid Union's latest project, telling a story of salvation: "Gave up the ghost a long time ago/ but my heart's still beating how I don't know/ fell down on my knees and covered my face/ I begged for mercy but instead I got grace." I greatly enjoyed the strings which added a ton to this beautiful track.

Blessid Union of Soul's The Mission Field project wasn't my favorite album of all times, but it certainly wasn't a bad project. It is full of heartfelt worship, as well as many other surprises in such tracks as "Miracles" and "The Only Song." If you are a fan of more contemporary worship, be sure to check out this album from Blessid Union of Souls as soon as possible!

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: March 1, 2011

Track listing:
1. Miracles
2. Sweet Providence
3. The Only Song
4. The Mission Field
5. Hold On
6. Healing
7. I Still Believe
8. Higher Calling
9. Come Undone
10. Pray For You
11. Back From the Dead


  1. So glad you pointed me out to this one, Jay. These guys hold a special place in my heart, so it's exciting to see they went this route.

  2. Good album review I enjoyed it :) I did like The Only Song as it was a good song I will be checking out this album as soon as I can :)


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