Monday, March 7, 2011

Beckah Shae: LIFE Review

Beckah Shae has released several albums before, but with LIFE, she manages to find three chart-topping radio singles, "Here In this Moment," "Forgiveness," and the title track. Beckah's Scripture-filled lyrics and energetic pop make for an extremely catchy album full of songs sure to be stuck in your mind.

LIFE is off to an amazing start with the title track, having a fun, upbeat tempo speaking of the abundant life that Jesus came to give us (based on John 10:10). With booming drums and repetitive lyrics, "Life" also gave way to the "love glasses" idea that Beckah Shae fans have carried far and wide. The shorter "Here In this Moment" follows, carrying the sentiment of "Life" with an enjoyable piano pop. "Here In this Moment," the single that originally won me over to Beckah's music, shares the simple truth of the goodness that God gives us when being in His presence. One huge asset to this track, beside Beckah's gorgeous voice, was the poetic singing that makes singing along very enjoyable.

"Worth Waiting For," containing a bit of a techno (and definitely a dance beat), was interesting, as this sweet love song to her husband and producer Jack could easily have been turned into a song toward God (as Beckah herself shared). "No More," featuring booming percussion and awesome fill-ins, was definitely a highlight from LIFE, as Beckah Shae sings about winning the battle in our minds and bringing every thought into captivity. I very much enjoyed these nearly 100% Scripture-based lyrics of "No More": "The weapons of my warfare they are not carnal/the victory is mine/ I'm taking back everything at least 7 times/ I raise my sword and make you wish you never even tried/ I'm telling you no more!"

The beautiful piano-backed "Surrender" slowed things down a bit with Beckah Shae's version of this timeless hymn, followed by "I'm Beautiful," another slower track reminding the listener that God sees us each as beautiful. "Indescribable" is a catchy worship song speaking of how God is seen throughout all of creation: "There's no other way to better say/ Hallelujah! You're indescribable!"

"Forgiveness" featuring MOC, was one of the highlights from the LIFE project, as Beckah and MOC speak of forgiveness toward those who have heart us most deeply. I very much enjoyed the touching lyrics of this track, and I definitely believe that this is a perfect radio single from this Beckah Shae album. In addition to the perfect lyrics of the track, the rap scene by MOC was very enjoyable and right-on as well.

"Faith, Hope & Love" follows on the same note, speaking of how faith, hope and love "have a way of making life easier if you could just believe them," as "I Choose" gets things rolling again. Speaking of Spiritual choices we have to make (Jesus, truth, and life), the very energetic lyrics and extreme pop made for a very enjoyable track and sing-along song.

"Imagine" could easily be part two to "Forgiveness," being similar musically, and speaking of making a change in this world by starting the healing. "Fly" again leans on the slower side of things as well, as it speaks about soaring over our problems through faith in Jesus Christ ("Fly higher and higher/ fly I can feel my faith arise!). LIFE ends with "Here In this Moment (Candlelight Mix)," being a beautiful piano version of the radio hit that also appeared on this album. Also appearing on this track is a short preview of African children singing praise, promoting Kids Alive, a ministry that Beckah Shae partners with.

Aftering hearing the radio singles "Life" and "Here In this Moment," I knew Beckah Shae's LIFE album had to be good. But little did I know just how good it would be. Being a huge pop fan, I extremely enjoyed this album from Beckah Shae, not only for the music, but also for the Scriptural and edifying lyrics. I enjoyed how Beckah's music is a great mix of dance provoking pop music and awesome lyrics that make you draw closer to God. Beckah's clear, beautiful voice also highlighted the music, making LIFE nothing short of a satisfaction. I highly recommend this album from Beckah Shae, and suggest that you support both Beckah's ministry and Kids Alive. Check it out!

Rating: 5/5
Release date: June 15, 2010

Track listing:
1. Life
2. Here In this Moment
3. Worth Waiting For
4. No More
5. Surrender
6. I'm Beautiful
7. Indescribable
8. Forgiveness (featuring MOC)
9. Faith, Hope & Love
10. I Choose
11. Imagine
12. Fly
13. Here In this Moment (Candlelight Remix)


  1. Cool review! Yeah, the lyrics to her songs are great, very Scriptural.

  2. I LOVE Beckah Shae's music!!! :) Great review! I'm going to have to get this CD!

  3. Good album review for that album from Beckah Shae. I hope to get it as soon as I can so I can listen to it some more too :)


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