Friday, February 11, 2011

Movie Review Friday: The Imposter (featuring Kevin Max)

Recently, I had the chance to watch The Imposter film with my family. I had heard many good things about the film, the main one being that Kevin Max from dcTalk, Kerry Livgren from Kansas, and Jeff Deyo from Sonicflood were the stars of the film. I had also seen the offical trailer for the film, and was determined to check it out.

The Imposter tells the story of Johnny C (Kevin Max) who is the lead singer for "Grand Design," a popular Christian rock band that was touring the country playing shows every night. Johnny C. pretends to have everything together, but his bandmembers see past his front. After his wife catches him indulging on drugs, she leaves him and takes her daughter with her, in hopes that Johnny will recover from his addiction. At the same time, Johnny's addiction gets ahold of him, putting him into a life of adultery, which worsens Johnny's relationship with his wife. Johnny is sent on a journey with his mentor Proff (Kerry Livgren) to see if he can make things right in this modern day Prodigal Son story.

I was hoping I would love the film, but I actually had mixed feelings. My main criticism for it would be the overabundance of flurting scenes that appeared throughout the movie. Once was disgusting enough to show the effect it had on Johnny's relationship, but they appeared throughout the film, which I did not enjoy. I also lost my interest in a few parts throughout the film, especially when Johnny finds himself living on the streets.

However, I did enjoy The Imposter overall for several reasons. First of all, I thought that all three main actors were astounding, but especially the Grand Design member played by Jeff Deyo. Jeff's stand for what was right made him very enjoyable in his role in this film . Also, I enjoyed the music very much. First with Kevin and then Jeff leading Grand Design, and eventually Kevin "going solo," the musical score of The Imposter was very enjoyable. At the end of the film, Kevin leads Kansas's hit song "Carry On My Wayward Son," in what was probably the highlight of the entire film for me. And lastly, I thought the film was ended well. Although they leave you wondering what will happen next, The Imposter shows that sometimes even when we get things right with God, not everything goes together 100% like it was before. They also ended with a satisfaction that Johnny had chosen to do the right thing. However, after Johnny's decision to do what was right and stop playing a hypocrite, The Imposter ends with a somewhat abrupt ending.

My feelings were mixed about The Imposter film, mainly because of the perversion that was shown to get the point across about the mess than Johnny was in. If it were not for that, I probably would have loved the film, as it tells a modern Prodigal Son story with many unexpected twists and turns. Overall, The Imposter film is enjoyable, but is probably not one for the whole family on family movie night (especially not recommended for children under the age of 13). Fans of Kevin, Jeff, and Kerry will love The Imposter starring these musicians.



  1. Yeah, that movie was good, but not my favorite. I agree that they shouldn't have put so many scenes of sin in there.

  2. Ouch, too bad that the "Christian" films won't keep the sleaze out. :( Thanks for the heads up, sounds like we'll skip this one.

    And OH MY WORD is that Livgren with the beard?!??! I feel so old!!! Well, I console myself with the fact that he was a *little* before my time. But gee.....

  3. Good review Jay. I felt pretty much the same, except I can't say I think Kevin Max has a future in acting. But on the other hand, the soundtrack is AWESOME!!! and I have shared it in my latest blogpost @ , so come by and give it a listen. It's worth it!


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