Thursday, February 24, 2011

Louie Giglio: Prayer (Remix) Review

I have had the chance to see several Louie Giglio DVDs as of recent, and I have enjoyed them all. So when Louie announced the release of three new DVDs at the beginning of this year, New Year, Prayer:Remix, and Grace [The One and Only], I was very excited. Louie's dynamic teaching and captivating analogies are always welcome. Prayer:Remix, a three session DVD on prayer, was no exception, although I did not entirely agree with his point of view on the third session of the DVD.

Louie's amazing three-part series on prayer was very enlightening. Focusing on the fact that most of our prayers stem from "bless me," "be with me," "watch over and protect me," or "forgive me for my many sins," Louie shares the standard American way to pray -- focusing on WHAT is being prayed rather than on WHO we are praying to. Louie takes a look at those prayers we pray pretty much without thinking any more, and remixes them in a new way, eventually reaching, "let me bless You," "live through me," and "no matter what, use me." I really enjoyed Louie's Scriptural teaching on why God wants to hear from our hearts, rather than hear a "good" prayer, especially when he focused on Matthew 6, talking about repetitive prayers.

In part three, however, I was a bit disappointed. Louie's interesting perspective on the popular prayer, "Lord, watch over and protect me" was interesting, although I disagreed with Louie's point of view that Jesus may choose not to protect us all the time. I was a bit disappointed on his teaching of this, especially because of Psalm 91's clear teaching that God chooses to watch over us. Parts one and two of this DVD were amazing, but part three was a bit disappointing.

Despite the disappointment, I would highly recommend the first two parts of the DVD, Prayer:Remix. I recommend Louie's amazing teaching to Christian's looking for something to watch or listen to during their daily activities, since they are simple, powerful, and uplifting. Louie Giglio is amazing!

Coming soon: Grace [The One and Only Review] review!


  1. That looks cool! I wonder why preachers just have to add that one thing that is not taught in Scripture. It seems that most do. :P

  2. Yeah, it's sad. That's why I believe in eating the meat and spitting out the bones. :)

  3. Sometimes I think it's because they don't have a good explanation for the bad things that happen to us. So they choose to say that "Jesus just wasn't protecting us that time." But He was! And He protected us through that hard time! He uses the hard times to refine us and continually perfect us!

  4. Amen, Anonymous! I agree with you there. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. I'm not sure if Louie refined Prayer Remix from his original or earlier sermons but i thought he had shared how our safety and protection isn't and can't be co-existing when our #1 priority is or should be "glorify God" or Love God with all our heart mind and soul. I don't think I'd necessarily say "Jesus wasn't protecting us" but rather to any person who loves/loved God and suddenly died, I'd say, their time had come.I wouldn't look at God and say "You're weak God." To the missionaries who died while en route to preach the makes Jesus look like He's a wimp. rather than viewing it as..God of the universe is capable and can do anything He wants. Anything is an option for God however, that doesn't mean He is heartless. Every mind boggling death I've seen in the past 5 years in our that moment, it was tough but I've seen more God sized things happen through that and as a result of that.

    Wasn't Louie trying to say when we focus so much on ourselves and make our preferences higher than our purpose in God, then there's the heart problem?

    It's not an easy concept to swallow but..i can't expect anything other than the reality of God's heart.

  6. He never said we are not protected all the time. he said that we already are protected all the time and dont be monotonous about asking for it all the time. We have it.


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