Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Josh Wilson: See You Review

Josh Wilson's third studio project See You, released February 8th, 2011, is already receiving critical acclaim for several reasons. The main, and most noticeable about Josh Wilson's latest project is the combination of unique instruments on this project (Josh himself playing over 20 of them himself!). Also, Josh's unique blend of pop, contemporary, bluegrass, country, and several other styles into one, makes See You an album full of twists and turns, and certainly a very enjoyable project.

The beautiful "Sing It" begins See You with an enjoyable worship track composed mainly of guitar-picking, as it speaks of singing to God what is in our hearts, even though that song itself is already His. As occured throughout the album, the track features unique music appearances, from the gorgeous piano in the second verse, to a somewhat haunting interlude halfway through the track. "Behind the Beauty," a very catchy pop track, speaks of the fact that the divine beauty in our lives should be enough for us to believe in God: "Look around/look around/tell me can you see/ All the wonder in the world is reason to believe/ That there is something more/ A love we can’t ignore/ Yeah, there is so much more/ A God we can’t ignore/ Behind the beauty."

The radio single, "I Refuse" follows, featuring Josh's playing of the hammer dulcimer throughout the track. "I Refuse" was birthed out of the 2010 Nashville flooding, when Josh admitted his desire to pray for the victims, but do nothing about it. In that moment, he realized that God was calling him to give to help support the rebuilding efforts, and "I Refuse" was born. Josh's inspirational upbeat track speaking of making a difference instead of sitting around waiting for others is certainly a well-done radio hit.

"Falls Apart"'s poetic lyrics were enjoyable, as this contemporary track speaks of how we seem to find Christ when going through a painful situation. Birthed out of a friend's divorce, Josh reminds the listener that pain isn't always a bad thing, because it brings us closer to God and allows us to know Him more through it. "Know By Now" is probably the most catchy track on See You, an upbeat, piano pop track reminding us that God always provides for us in time of need, and that we should always remember His faithfulness toward us.

The title track, "See You," leans on the slower side of things, highlighted by the complex chording and beautiful piano intervals, as "See You" speaks of having faith in God, even when it seems as if everything is falling apart. It goes even farther to remind us that God is always there, and that He promises to never leave us nor forsake us. I didn't exactly enjoy the doubtful portion of this song, but I loved the building up of the track and the Biblical lyrics of knowing God is always there through whatever we go through. Immediately following is an "It Is Well" instrumental characterized by the beautiful guitar-picking and choir act that appeared halfway through this gorgeous instrumental. Josh's instrumental version of "It Is Well," full of guitar harmonizing and extra bass was very beautiful and almost tear-jerking, because of the power of it. Also, the track provided for an excellent "part two" to "See You," knowing that whatever we go through, God sees us through, even when we feel like He is far away from us at that moment.

"Shine On Us" has a bit of a bluegrass tune, as it speaks of our need for peace and our desire for God to shine on us, as "Always Only You" retains the same sound in a sweet love song to Josh's wife Becca. Throughout "Always Only You," Becca can be heard singing harmonizing tidbits, which, combined with the guitar and kitchen instruments (literally ice boxes, spoons, ect.) makes this song and "Shine On Us" a very full set of tracks. I also enjoyed the whistling act that appeared in "Always Only You," which, in my opinion, always makes for an enjoyable add-on.

"Forest Fire" contains an enjoyable swing style, as the first few seconds of the track are composed of lighting and putting out matches. The message behind "Forest Fire" is practically James 3 put to words -- that what we say is so powerful, and we need to be careful what we say, because we can easily start a forest fire in someone's life: "Our tongues are like matches/ Our ears are like trees/ Our words are like sparks/ On dry summer leaves/ It doesn’t take much/ For the flames to rise/ And turn a soul/ Into a forest fire."

Although I disagreed somewhat with the story behind "They Just Believe," this powerful slower piano-pop track is based on the story in the book of Matthew, in which the demon-possessed child's father cried out, "Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief." Josh speaks once again of having faith in God, even though we cannot see Him, and how it is hard sometimes to know that He is there. ("I believe/ Please help my unbelief/ Jesus, give me grace/ To trust what I can’t see/ Your ways are not my own/ Some things I’ll never know/ But You say, blessed are the ones who never see/ They just believe." Finally, See You is ended with a one-minute reprise of the opening track "Sing It," and ends the album with a satisfactory ending reminding us once again to sing out our praises to God, even though He already owns each song we sing.

Josh Wilson's See You CD was enjoyable for many reasons. Mainly, the variation of styles that appeared on the track was a highlight for me. Some songs are on the contemporary worship side of things, while others are more bluegrass or country. Also, with over 20 instruments that Josh Wilson played on his See You project, there is literally a new aspect to each and every song. The lyrics, also, are very deep, reminding the listener to keep their focus on God even though we can't always see Him working in our situation. Because of the above reasons, this reviewer rates Josh Wilson's See You project a 4/5.

Track listing:
1. Sing It
2. Behind the Beauty
3. I Refuse
4. Fall Apart
5. Know By Now
6. See You
7. It Is Well (Instrumental)
8. Shine On Us
9. Always Only You
10. Forest Fire
11. They Just Believe
12. Sing It (reprise)


  1. I love, love, love Josh! Have you heard his 3 minute song? It's my favorite. :)


  2. Oh man the instrumental It Is Well is incredible! Have you heard his Amazing Grace?


  3. Very good album review for his new album. I enjoyed his new album as it was a real good album. I also have to say I love his song called 3 Minute Song check it out if you haven't already :)


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