Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christian World Sountraks: Light Up the Sky Review

Calling all singers! What is the best way to combine your favorite Christian music and karaoke into one, in a way that is within your vocal range? If that statement describes you, look no further than Christian World Soundtraks.

Because I love to sing, I've been on a hunt for the best karaoke music. I have tried everything, including karaoke programs that silence the vocals of the singer and nothing has worked as well as I hoped. And as of recent, The Afters "Light Up the Sky" has been on my list of performance tracks I had to have. Therefore, I was delighted to find that Christian World Soundtraks had this performance track available.

Christian World Soundtraks have many advantages over typical performance tracks. The first, and probably the biggest advantage about these tracks is the different variety of tracks available. For example, in this "Light Up the Sky" performance track, two original versions were available (one with, and one without background vocals), as well as a high and low key for those that have different vocal ranges. This greatly helps the singer who wishes to sing in a different note, as he has his choice from the chords of D, F, or B. Also, the demonstration at the beginning at the CD is perfect for the singer who wishes to refresh his memory on the song and to get more practice on it. Also, track two provides a promo for other similar tracks that might be of interest to the singer who uses this performace track. And although this track may differ slightly from the original version, it is very close and enjoyable to the version popularized by The Afters.

If you are a singer looking for performance tracks, I recommend that you check out Christian World Soundtraks. The different keys available, along with several options make this a great addition to any Christian singer's collection. Check out more performance tracks by Christian World Soundtraks at!

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