Friday, February 18, 2011

Barlowgirl: Our Journey So Far Review

Barlowgirl has been making music for 10 years. Along the way, they've come up with a few #1 hits, as well as a few chart-toppers and fan favorites. So it seems only natural that after 10 years, and five albums later, it would be time for a greatest hits release from Barlowgirl. And that is exactly what they are doing with their latest release Our Journey So Far...

Barlowgirl's Our Journey So Far album begins aptly with the #1 hit from Barlowgirl's self-titled project, "Never Alone." Barlowgirl's signature song, and definitely a fan-favorite, "Never Alone" set the stage for the 16 greatest-hit tracks on this album, and paves the way perfectly for the next three that also appeared on their 2004 project: "She Walked Away" on the upbeat side of things," and "Mirror" and "Surrender" on the strings/ piano combo that fans have come to love from Barlowgirl.

Barlowgirl next takes us along on what is perhaps their most popular album, Another Journal Entry, featuring the memorable hits "Let Go," "Grey," and the #1 hit "I Need You to Love Me." Definitely the fan favorites from this album, I was very glad they chose these songs for the best-hits project, though I would have loved to see "5 Minutes of Fame" make it to the album as well.

"Here's My Life," on the slower side of things," and "One More Round" follow from the How Can We Be Silent album, which also features the fan favorite that saw Barlowgirl headlining a tour: "A Million Voices." This track definitely shows the "revolution" side of Barlowgirl's music, encouraging fans not to sit down and be quiet, but to speak out about their faith. "Hallelujah (Light Has Come)" was the only track featured from the Home For Christmas album, but is definitely enjoyable as it highlight's the birth of Christ from Mary's perspective.

Personally, Barlowgirl's Love and War project was my favorite from the rock trio, so I was happy to see four of my favorite tracks from this album featured on the greatest hits project: "Stay With Me," "Our Worlds Collide," as well as the worshipful "Beautiful Ending" and anthemic "Come Alive." The project also ends with a brand new remix of "I Need You To Love Me," (subtitled "Fredtown Manila Remix") in a very enjoyable techno rhythm that caused me to press repeat immediately at its close.

Barlowgirl has been going strong for the past ten years, and a greatest hits project is definitely apt for this popular girl rock band. This project is definitely one that fans of Barlowgirl will want to add to their collection, as well as Barlowgirl lovers that don't yet own any music from the band. Even if you already own all the previous Barlowgirl projects, you will enjoy the photo book that accompanied the album. Our Journey So Far by Barlowgirl definitely highlights Barlowgirl's best!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: September 14, 2010

Track listing:
1. Never Alone
2. She Walked Away
3. Mirror
4. Surrender
5. Let Go
6. I Need You to Love Me
7. Grey
8. Here's My Life
9. One More Round
10. Million Voices
11. Hallelujah (Light Has Come)
12. Stay With Me
13. Our Worlds Collide
14. Beautiful Ending
15. Come Alive
16. I Need You to Love Me (Fredtown Manila Remix)


  1. I have this album, but haven't got a chance to listen to it yet. Going to now after reading this!

  2. Sounds awesome! My favorite are "Never Alone" and "A Million Voices."

  3. Haven't heard all the songs, but almost all that I have heard I really like! Thanks for the info.

  4. Good album review for that album from BarlowGirl. I didn't get that album since I already own all of the albums from BarlowGirl. I only wanted that cool remix for I Need You To Love Me but I needed to buy the album for that. I am sure I could get it on iTunes but I haven't used that in a long time.


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