Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yancy: Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams Review

Yancy is no stranger to Christian music. Although Yancy only has a few albums, she already has a full résumé -- from touring with Newsboys, Nichole Nordeman, and 4Him, to co-penning "I Don't Want to Go" from Avalon. And now, Yancy delivers Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams full of encouraging and worshipful lyrics ensure to inspire the listener.

Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams opens strongly with "Make It Loud," which deals with the "megaphone" aspect of the album title- shouting out the story of our salvation and not being ashamed for it. Even corresponding a few Scripture verses in this song and others, Yancy's tracks are definitely full lyrically as well as musically. "Love God, Hate Sin" (a classic Mylon Lefevre hit) keeps the momentum rolling with a track equally as upbeat as it's preceding track, and is definitely a finger snapping provoker as well.

"Every Good and Perfect Thing" is more of a contemporary track than punk, as Yancy delivers a "thank You" to God for "being good to me all the time." Delivering it's message from James 1:17, Yancy shows her worshipful side, even though this track is still fairly upbeat. "I Love You" slows things down to guitar-picking, as Yancy sounds remarkably similar to Addison Road's lead singer Jenny in this powerful worship song.

"Sing Your Praises Out" sounds similar to the opening track, encouraging the listener to sing their praises out, because "if we keep silent the rocks will cry out." "God is For Me" follows, keeping up with the same addicting pop/rock, reminding us that: "God is for me/ not against me/ I have nothing to fear/ He loves me so/ this I know/ God is for me."

"Forever And Ever" features a cool guitar act, and electronic sounds that add a great fill-in, as it speaks of that day when we will forever be with Jesus and that "where your treasure is/ there your heart will be also." "Sincerely, Completely Yours" slows things down again, speaking of 100% surrender to our heavenly Father, and is followed by "Time to Celebrate" which features computerized clapping. "Time to Celebrate" is a fun song celebrating the miracle of Christ's love in our lives. The interesting thing about this track is how the "yeahs" actually proved to be the main component of this track, and certainly wouldn't be full without it.

"Don't Stop" is a nice, moderately-upbeat track encouraging the listener to keep on dreaming and never stop, as "I Belong to Jesus" is a slower worship song remembering who we belong to. Finally, Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams is ended with "Be Glorified," a track with simple lyrics of praise to God exalting Him above all else. It put a wonderful ending to Yancy's latest studio album.

Yancy's Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams is a wonderful pop/rock album, but is especially one that I expect younger kids to enjoy with its message that we can do all things, and that God is always there in time of trouble. Yancy's latest album is definitely a catchy one, and one that pop fans of Superchick, Krystal Myers, and perhaps even Rachael Lampa will enjoy.

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:
1. Make It Loud
2. Love God, Hate Sin
3. Every Good and Perfect Thing
4. I Love You
5. Sing Your Praises Out
6. God is For Me
7. Forever and Ever
8. Sincerely, Completely Yours
9. Time to Celebrate
10. Don't Stop
11. I Belong to Jesus
12. Be Glorified

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