Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Classic Imperials: Still Standing Review

The Classic Imperials are definitely a classic band. I remember years ago, just as CDs were beginning to popularize, one of the songs on a Songs 4 Life was "I Listen To the Trumpet of Jesus," a track which I definitely "wore out." Despite being around for over 45 years, and going through many lineup changes, The Classic Imperials are back better than ever with Still Standing.

"Live My Life" begins Still Standing on a slightly country but mostly contemporary, sounding much like Natalie Grant's "Live For Today" track. While "Live My Life" speaks of living life to the fullest, its successor "No More Looking Over My Shoulder" speaks of moving forward and not looking back to past regrets. The highlight of "No More Looking Over My Shoulder" proved to be the guitar act that brought in the country style in full effect.

"Brighter Day" seemed to be speaking of that bright day when Jesus comes back to us and we live forever "in the light of a brighter day." Interestingly, this track did not contain the country style, but was mostly contemporary. "Heaven" is extreme country, with the guitar picketing speaking of that glorious day when we finally make it to heaven. The only thing I found ridiculous about this track is about how the main character of the story went through death to find his joy in heaven. Even though it complimented the message of the track, I thought it did not do justice to the fact that church members were praying for his recovery. I did enjoy this track, nevertheless, though.

"Been Through the Water" is a touching track speaking about a man who experiences trials and tribulations for his faith, but resolves to keep going through. "God's Got Something Good" gets things rolling again, telling the story of a poor beggar who has all the joy in the world, making the writer wondering what prevents him from being joyful himself. "Ebenezer" is a bit hard to follow, while its proclamation of joy from salvation mixes with the awesome upbeat guitar and piano acts making for an addicting track.

"If There's No God" is a mostly a Capella track speaking of the irony of those who say there is no God with these lyrics: "Just because you've seen Him, doesn't mean there is no reason to believe Him" and goes on to speak of His love for every one of us. "If I Were Jesus" is a moderate country track that didn't seem to have too much of a point, except to remember God's goodness toward us.

"Love Speaks For Itself" is a mostly piano track speaking of how amazing love is, while "Something's Wrong With the World" is an upbeat country song speaking of how the problem of the world is us, and not Adam and Eve, God, or the preacher, but is the man in the mirror. This track proved that The Classic Imperial's Still Standing album was more of a general album that a definite Christian album as most of their other albums were.

I am not really a huge country fan, but I really enjoyed the soothing country that The Classic Imperials presented on Still Standing. My major disappointment with this album was the moderate lyrics that most of the tracks contained, as well as the fact that several tracks were hard to follow. I did enjoy the vocal talents of each of the four members as well as the overall style of the album.

Rating: 3/5
Release date: October 19, 2010

Track listing:
1. Live My Life
2. No More Looking Over My Shoulder
3. Brighter Day
4. Heaven
5. Been Through the Water
6. God's God Something Good
7. Ebenezer
8. If There's No God
9. If I Were Jesus
10. Love Speaks for Itself
11. Something's Wrong With the World

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  1. Now country I'm no fan of. I can't stand the "I went to church on Sunday" lyrics that seem so shallow not to mention the music. I don't blame your rating. :D


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