Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sarah Kelly: Midnight Sun Review

Sarah Kelly has been with Gotee records since the release of the self-titled Sarah Kelly EP in 2003. Now, with her fifth studio release Midnight Sun, Sarah Kelly is independent, giving her music more of a personal feel from previous efforts. Midnight Sun is definitely an album that Christian music fans should add to their collection, for its catchy pop sound, and Sarah's beautiful, inspiring voice.

Midnight Sun begins with "Live Every Love Song," an extremely catchy pop song writing to cancer patients encouraging them to live their life to the fullest. "Standing On My Knees" takes a worshipful turn, accentuating Sarah's clear voice. Sounding similar to Sarah Groves, "Standing On My Knees" is an awesome song about standing on prayer in times of needs. The title track is composed of a slightly haunting piano sound speaking of how God is the comfort and the "midnight sun" in our midnight hours. Personally, I thought that "Midnight Sun" was one of the greatest highlights of Sarah Kelly's latest album, as her flexible voice can be heard through the gorgeous bridge and chorus of this track.

"Stolen My Heart" surprised me a little, because its sound was more something I would have expected from Tal & Acacia than Sarah Kelly. Nevertheless, this catchy love song is definitely welcome on Midnight Sun. The only problem with this track is that it was hard to figure out whether she was singing to God or to her husband. I received the impression that it was to God, because of the line "everything I have is Yours," but I still wasn't exactly sure. "Good Day" reminds me too much of Britt Nicole's track by the same name, but because it was different, I enjoyed the track nevertheless. "Lift You Up," a song of praise lifting Jesus up, brought out the gospel style in Sarah, sounding much like what one might expect from Rachael Lampa.

"Day and Night," a definite "heaven song" seemed to be a combination of Isaiah passages declaring the glory of God as "Always Undeniable" seemed to be a part two of the same track, continuing on almost exactly the same lyrics and music. "Surely Goodness" is an awesome "retelling" of Psalm 23 put to music, making for an awesome listen, as "How Much You Love" ends Sarah Kelly's Midnight Sun album, reminding us that we could never describe God in a story, or a track, and that nothing can accurately contain the love the God has for us. Although it put a wonderful ending to Midnight Sun, it almost seemed to be a bit too much of a slow ending for a moderately upbeat, pop album. Nevertheless, the gorgeous track was definitely welcome and worship-captivating.

Sarah Kelly's Midnight Sun album was definitely worth the listen.  Although I personally most enjoyed Sarah's pop songs nearer the beginning of the album, Sarah's deep worship songs were definitely welcome as well. Another highlight from Sarah's music was the combination of several well-known artists into one. For those who are not used to the musical talent of Sarah Kelly, this is an album you will definitely want to check out. You will not regret it!

Rating: 4.5/5

Track listing:
1. Live Every Love Song
2. Standing On My Knees
3. Midnight Sun
4. Stolen My Heart
5. Good Day
6. Lift You Up
7. Day and Night
8. Always Undeniable
9. Surely Goodness
10. How Much You Love


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