Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kevin Levar: Let's Come Together Review

Kevin Levar's 2008 debut was so popular that he recenly released a CD/DVD deluxe edition of Let's Come Together. Featuring his blockbuster hits "A Heart That Forgives" and "You Are Not Alone," plus four other new tracks, Kevin's 18-track black gospel album is very welcome, and listening to his Let's Come Together album is likely to make you worship along.

I enjoyed listening to Kevin's Let's Come Together album, but I especially found that the tracks that stood out to me were the mostly piano tracks, such as the very touching "A Heart That Forgives" (a track critically acclaimed by many). In addition, I highly enjoyed the more upbeat "Hiding Place" and "My Everything," featuring Kevin's One Sound band, filling in backgrounds perfectly. I also enjoyed the moderate tracks such as "You Are Not Alone," filled in with saxaphones and other instruments.

Probably most notable about Kevin's Let's Come Together album is the way that he sings. With one listen, it is easy to tell that Kevin does not just sing -- he pours his heart into every lyric. His love for Jesus Christ can be heard in every song, and especially those that were performed live.

I also enjoyed the DVD very much. On the DVD, you will see Kevin's testimony, from how he knew music was God's calling on his life, to how he got started, and even some of the stories behind his music. You will also see several wonderful music videos and live performances that give you an even bigger appreciation for Kevin's music.

I would definitely recommend Kevin's Let's Come Together to fans of black gospel, but I also believe that people looking for authentic worship albums will want to check this album out. Kevin's heart-felt worship reflects from every song on this album, and his powerful lyrics of forgiveness and trusting in God are very encouraging as well.

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:
1. Here I Am
2. Hiding Place
3. Hiding Place (reprise)
4. I'll Say Yes
5. Let's Come Together
6. He Reigns
7. Heaven Have Your Way
8. Atmosphere of Faith
9. My Everything
10. What a Love
11. A Heart that Forgives
12. A Heart that Forgives (reprise)
13. Just Like You
14. What-cha Know About Jesus (live remix)
15. Such an Awesome God
16. A Heart That Forgives (acoustic)
17. I Love You So Much
18. You are Not Alone

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  1. Oooo, I got the chills listening to "A Heart That Forgives!"


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