Monday, January 24, 2011

Jay Interview's Sons of God's Aaron Newberry

I recently had the chance to ask Aaron Newberry from Sons of God some questions about his band and what God has been teaching him. Sons of God, a Come&Live artist, is currently working on their first full-length project that will be available later this year. Their EP, The Genesis Prolouge can be purchased as a free download from Come&Live through this link. Enjoy the interview, and be sure to check out Sons of God's music! 

My questions for Aaron are in white, followed by Aaron's answers in orange

Sons of God is an awesome band name. What was the inspiration behind it?

Well, when the band first started it was a one man band, and I was writing with a friend from Atlanta and we happened to work together as well. One night on the way back from Charlotte, NC we were praying pretty intensely while driving down the Interstate and he said we should call it "Sons of God" and it sounded so epic to me. It was inescapable, to the point, and it described as best I ever could the way I wanted this band to work so from that point forward it's been Sons of God; in essence, all I can say is that there was divine inspiration.

As you described it, your music has a bit of a "dark tone." What would you personally compare your music to, and what do you feel makes your music special?

The darkness comes out of always enjoying stuff like Silverchair and Queen as well as loving movie scores from Hanz Zimmer and John Williams. I feel in love with that stuff as a kid, it must've stuck with me when I was beating the keys of my grandparents dirty old upright piano in the basement. That's where I learned I loved music, and I think that piano was so sinister yet beautiful that it ingrained a part of itself in me as I can hear it as I write today.

What would you say is the number one inspiration behind Sons of God's music -- What is it that makes you tick?
The Lord, it's 100% the Lord. A lot of is God calling me out on my crap, the Holy Spirit moving and making me sensitive to certain things in my life. I felt a lot when writing this record that I was writing it from the perspective that I was pointing the finger sternly right into the mirror. A lot of it were personal issues that I believe many of us deal with and I was able to transform it into something most people understand in the 1st person. Morals versus Jesus played a large part in it too, dealing with all this "enlightenment" that a lot of christians are wading through right now I have a difficult time being graceful rather than cynical about it but then again I'm looking in the mirror. 

Many people are anticipating the arrival of your full-length project this year, and yet it seems that you are keeping quiet about it. Can you give us the latest scoop on the album's progress?

The album's progress, I can say there is definitely a full-length's worth of music written that we are very happy about. I can also say we are working hard to make it a reality, many thanks to our supporters on Kickstarter. When it comes to this record and it's progress, I suppose you could say we are choosing the be the "strong silent type." 

I hear you have a big tour lined up for 2011. Any idea how many cities the tour with hit? Who do you plan to be on tour with? 

Well, we've got a lot of touring that we are wanting to do and in the beginning stages of putting together, but one tour in particular that is extremely exciting for us is the European tour in the works with Holding Onto Hope and Showbread where we'll be playing Rock Without Limits in Germany as well.

Aaron, you spilled the beans that you will be working on a solo project this year. What's the latest on that?

Ya, I was cleaning those beans up for hours! Psyche. Definitely have had a solo project in the works for some time, now I just finally have time to do it. I'm just writing and recording away in my home studio right now, it's some that is really intimate that I want to be able to share with people. I'd really like to capture the essence of you being in the room with me as I'm performing these songs, hopefully I will accomplish that.

How has God been speaking to you lately? What Bible passage especially ministers to you? 

Man, God has blown my mind open with his grace. It's a bit odd how when you're serving in a ministry at times you lose your focus on God and start focusing on the ministry alone. I found myself in that position nearing the end of 2010 and the Lord was pursuing me. I'm not a New Years Resolution guy, and I didn't make any, but when this year started I could tell the Hound of Heaven was after me big time. I was so hungry for His Word, and so thirsty for my Savior, and at this point I'm just learning more that I can't conquer sin issues with my own strength and I'm coming to totally trust and rely on God.

It was surrendering your dreams to God that really caused Sons of God to come together. What advice would you give to those looking to start a band?

First off I would say, humility is a virtue that is difficult to find these days in this industry and having a humble attitude will not only serve you and your band mates better but it will make friends and lasting relationships with listeners, promoters, and other bands. I think any band set out to make this a ministry needs to have high standards regarding who you do ministry with, and how you do ministry. Also, don't forget to have fun and practice your butts off! 

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions for Jay's Musik Blog! Any closing remarks?

It was an honor, these are some of the best questions I've received to date Jay, thanks so much for your time and support man. And to all the listeners out there, I hope you appreciate guys like Jay working hard to get to know your favorite artists out there! Love you guys


  1. HeY great Job on the review! I really enjoyed it! :)

  2. This was a really good interview, Jay! I'm off to check out Sons of God's music now... :)

  3. Miss Szymanski said all that I wanted to: great interview! I will have to check out the music!


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