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Jaci Velasquez: Love Out Loud Review

After hearing that Dove Award winning Jaci Velasquez was returning with a 2011 release, I was determined to hear her latest project Love Out Loud that hit stores in 2008. Jaci's clear voice, Latino style, and awesome lyrics make Love Out Loud a project definitely worth listening to.

Love Out Loud opens strongly with the upbeat "Nothing But Sky," a song that accurately paints the story of Jaci's life-- coming through all her experiences of hurt and pain to a blue sky. "It's Not You, It's Me" is a song written out of Jaci's hurt over broken relationships with her father. After a telephone conversation with him, Jaci realized that she was the only one who could fix the situation -- she could choose to forgive her father. "It's Not You, It's Me" is a reminder that although people may have hurt us, we are the ones who can fix the relationship. I enjoyed the encouraging lyrics of this track.

The title track is mostly contemporary, although it does also contain a slight Latino addition, as it's lyrics remind us to show love to a hurting world: "Love out loud/ Let your loving be your voice/ Love out loud/ together we can make some noise/ love out loud/ without fear/ sing a song and let the whole world hear/ love out loud." The background fill-ins were an added bonus to this track. "Jesus (The Way)" is a track about coming back to Jesus, the only Way. It's slower, contemporary sound is perfect for a worship song such as this.

"My Alleluia" contains a bit of a haunting piano sound, speaking of the silence of awe when we are in the presence of God. It is followed by "Weightless," a very catchy song about having no weight when God lifts the world off our shoulders and we are left without a care. "A Likely Story" shares the sweet story of Jaci's falling in love with her husband Nic Gonzalez from Salvador. The strong bass was a nice addition to this track.

"Tango" compares marriage to being in a dance. In this highly catchy tango track, Jaci again sings about knowing the man and the dance, making for another sweet love song. The fill-ins seemed to actually be what composed the track the most, giving "Tango" an extremely full sound." "Por Escrito" is an entirely Spanish track, originally set for Spanish release. The English words translate as "Tell me the love between us is forever," as Jaci and Nic sang this Spanish duet. The guitar picking made for a perfect Spanish track that was highly enjoyable.

The last track on Love Out Loud is "Into the Light Again," a song from God to remind us that He is always with us as we walk our journey from the darkness into the light and how He is with us every step of the way. I very much enjoyed the fact that Love Out Loud ended with a upbeat track as it began with. However, the album again closes with "Nothing But Sky," a one-minute outro that was also enjoyable.

Jaci Velasquez's Love Out Loud album is full of encouraging lyrics, as well as a few sweet love songs to her husband Nic. The album was an immediate sensation, and is likely one that fans will find themselves addicted to immediately. If you're a fan of Jaci or Latino music, then this project is for you.

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: March 18, 2008

Track listing:
1. Nothing But Sky
2. It's Not You, It's Me
3. Love Out Loud
4. Jesus (The Way)
5. My Alleluia (When Words Fall)
6. Weightless
7. A Likely Story
8. Tango
9. Por Escrito
10. Into the Light Again
11. Nothing But Sky (Outro)

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  1. I discovered Jaci years ago when I became a Christian and recently rediscovered her music so I did not know about this album till today. Thanks for the review, I will definately be checking it out!


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