Monday, January 3, 2011

Chris Tomlin: And if Our God Is For Us... Review

Chris Tomlin is known for his many worship songs. "Indescribable," "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)," and "Famous One" are in the mix that have been played on radio innumberable times and that are finding their way to church hymn books. Now, Chris is back with And If Our God is For Us... his fifth studio album with Sixstep Records. One could say that And if Our God is For Us... does not follow the usual Chris Tomlin style, which is true. Chris's latest album is one that seemed more upbeat than his previous endeavors, making me more open to new music from Chris.

I heard "I Will Follow" on Christian radio, and determined that the new upbeat style of Chris Tomlin was very good. Although I love his worship songs, I usually find myself rather bored by the time one of his albums is over -- which is why I was surprised by Chris's first radio single from And If Our God is For Us. It was an immediate sensation with powerful lyrics about following God wherever He leads us. I would have liked to see this track open the album, but nevertheless, "Our God" opens the album with an awesome string act that opens smoothly into the strong upbeat track praising God for His greatness: "Our God is greater/ our God is stronger/ God, You are higher than any other..."

"I Lift My Hands" sounded a little too much like "I Will Rise," a hit song from Chris Tomlin's Hello Love album. This track speaks about being still and waiting for God's presence: "Let Faith Arise/ I lift my hands to believe again/ You are my refuge/ You are my strength/ As I pour out my heart/ these things I remember/ You are Faithful, God, Forever." "Majesty of Heaven" is a beautiful worship song praising God for all He is and how "nothing compares" to His majesty.

"No Chains On Me" was a song I expected to be only piano and strings. I was wrong -- this track actually proved to be one of the most energetic songs on Chris Tomlin's And If Our God Is For Us... album, as a proclaimation of freedom, similar to Hillsong United's "Break Free." Therefore, I greatly enjoyed this track. "Lovely" was a moderately upbeat track speaking of the awe we have for Jesus, as "The Name of Jesus" is another upbeat track reminding us of the power in Jesus' name.

"All to Us" speaks of how God is all to us and we will forever worship Him in heaven. Co-written with Matt Maher, this slow track is a wonderful worship song. "Faithful" was one of the greatest highlights on the album for me, as it featured Christy Nockels, formerly of Watermark. To me, Christy's appearance was the highlight of this worship song as her strong singing of the words "You are there" made for an awesome worship song.

"Jesus My Redeemer" and "Awakening" conclude the And If Our God is For Us... album. "Jesus My Redeemer" declares the goodness of God in upbeat style, as "Awakening" is a slow, mostly piano prayer to God to revive us and ignite the fire in our lives. The highlight was the touching and beautiful bridge: "Like the rising sun that shines/ awake my soul/ awake my soul and sing/ from the darnkess comes a light/ awak my soul." Overall, it did give a nice ending to And If Our God is For Us..., although I would have liked to see it end on a more upbeat note.

Chris Tomlin's And If Our God is For Us... was an enjoyable listening experience. I especially enjoyed the booming percussion that made his music better than ever. I'm not Chris's biggest fan, but I would have to say that And If Our God is For Us... is his best work to date.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: November 16, 2010

Track listing:
1. Our God
2. I Will Follow
3. I Lift My Hands
4. Majesty of Heaven
5. No Chains On Me
6. Lovely
7. The Name of Jesus
8. All to Us
9. Faithful
10. Jesus My Redeemer
11. Awakening


  1. Man! With all those CD's you review you should have a giveaway! I know I'd like to get my hands on one. ;)


  2. Yup, giveaway coming very soon! Keep an eye out for it! :D

  3. Awesome album from Chris Tomlin I love it :)


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