Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Problem Solved with CSN Stores

Remember recently when I was commenting on how I'm running out of room for my CD collection? Well the problem has been solved thanks to CSN Stores!

I got this CD stand, which is two feet long and one foot in depth, making it easy to place anywhere. I placed it on top of my computer desk, the center of my room/office. This is where reviews are written, music is listened to, the Bible is studied, my facebook and twitter updates are written from... everything!

I am so glad I got this shelf! Not only was it inexpensive, it was easy to put together, and is low maintenance. You can fill this shelf with up to 120 CDs, or 60 DVDs! And if you would prefer, you can switch the position of the shelf either way to be customized for either CDs or DVDs! Isn't it perfect? :)

Also, CSN Stores has great service! Any questions you have, CSN stores is right there to help you out. The products ship very quickly, as well -- I got this about five days after ordering it. The item was nicely packaged and protected, and full with everything I needed to get this CD stand up and running. I am totally happy with CSN stores' service. I will definitely be buying from them again!

Another Problem Solved with CSN stores... :)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by CSN Stores. However, all the views presented therein are the sole opinions of the owner of this blog, and do not necessarily represent those of CSN stores. Thank you.


  1. lol nice.

    Hey. Whenever you get done researching some of that other stuff... if you'd like to post it on my blog -- that'd be AWESOME. You've really spiked some interest! And a bit of contraversy. (which isn't a bad thing at all)


  2. OH MY GOODNESS. I have been looking and looking for a shelf just like this, for my desk! I've checked Walmart, Target, Amazon,, BestBuy, everyone! Hurray!

  3. @Mike: It is! :)

    @Bleah: I'd be honored! It may take some time, but I'll definitely go for it.

    @Rebecca: I'm really glad to hear that! It was about $20, and very nice looking. CSN sure knows how to solve problems like this. :)


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