Saturday, January 8, 2011

Aaron Crider: The Change Review

Aaron Crider's debut project The Change was birthed out of President Obama's slogan in the 2008 election. After the election, Aaron realized that no political candidate can bring the change they promise, and that only God is able to change us. Hence, The Change was born, a project full of ten awesome Hillsong-like worship songs sure to provoke the listener to worship along as well.

One of the highlights of Aaron's music is the wonderful soft keyboard/drums combo, as opened the album on "Hallelu," a simple declaration of praise. I very much enjoyed the upbeat sound that opened the album, leaving me wondering what would come around the corner. "You Reign" slows things down a bit, to a nice contemporary track, at first a bit repetitious, but then very enjoyable. The bridge of "You Reign" was enjoyable, as well, sounding remarkably similar to the chorus of Avalon's "Holy" track off their Reborn album.

"Bless Your Name" accentuates the awesome keyboard act of Aaron's music, speaking a blessing to Jesus for all He has done," as "We Worship You" slows things down again in what was probably my favorite track on Aaron Crider's The Change album. Not only did I really enjoy the lyrics of the first verse, especially, I also loved the soft drums and keyboard combination that provided for an amazing worship track. The title track follows on a slower note, but with a powerful message of surrender to God, asking Him to help us make a change. "One Child Matters" is a tear-jerking, touching track narrating a story of two African children going through tough family issues, answering their hurts with these lyrics: "One child matters to Jesus/ may one child matter to me."

Aaron's version of "How He Loves" was very welcome, following John Mark McMillian's original version more closely than that of David Crowder's blockbuster cover. "The Way It Goes" follows, encouraging the listener with the fact that we all go through the same troubles: "Sometimes it's hard to understand/ why life goes the way it does/ when trouble comes around to push you down and push you in the dust/ sometimes the valley seems too deem and the hills too hard to climb/ that's just the way it feel sometimes."

"This Window" is a very cool contemporary track, similar to what you might expect from Rebecca St. James or MercyMe. I also enjoyed the flexible voice that Aaron accentuated through this track. "With You" ends The Change with a timeless reminder of all the things that God is for us, and our desire to be with Him forever. I enjoyed the ending it put to The Change, especially because it seemed to be a good summary of all the tracks into one closing track.

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect with Aaron Crider's The Change album, but I was blown away by the awesome keyboard music and superb lyrics Aaron was capable of writing. I would definitely recommend this album to Hillsong, Jesus Culture, or Gateway Worship fans, as well as to those who enjoy contemporary worship from such bands as MercyMe or Third Day.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: September 8, 2010

Track listing:
1. Hallelu
2. You Reign
3. Bless Your Name
4. We Worship You
5. The Change
6. One Child Matters
7. How He Loves
8. The Way it Goes
9. This Window
10. With You

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  1. love the idea for the album. exact same idea that birthed for me.


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