Monday, December 6, 2010

You Hold Me Now

I just discovered that Robert Pierre is putting the finishing touches on a new CD! One of the songs included on his new CD is "You Hold Me Now" from Hillsong's Jad Gillies. Robert's version is already becoming a big hit, already having hit iTunes. Check out the following versions of "You Hold Me Now" and let me know which one is your favorite!

Robert Pierre:

Hillsong United:

Hillsong (featuring Jad Gillies):


  1. Hmmmm.... I think I like Hillsong united version better. But I'm not a very good judge. 'Cuz... honestly *wince* I'm not really into this kinda of music. I like my Switchfoot... Relient K, Tenth Avenue North. When I really wanna lisen to "worship" I like Cory Asbury and MIsty Edwards. Yeah... I sound horrible. But yeah. I vote the second video!

  2. I REALLY like Robert Pierre's version! It's excellent! Thanks for posting it!!

  3. Thanks, guys! I still think that Jad Gillies rules, but Rob is one of my favorite artists, so I like his version too. :) I thought Hillsong United's version was a bit too slow, but still really beautiful.

    Thanks for the comments! :)

  4. I vote for Jad Gillies, but of course, I'm partial! ') Robert Pierre's version is great, too!

  5. Wow! I am impressed with that version! And he's just like, what, a kid? Jad sings awesome-ly, too! BTW, did u know Matt Crocker and Reuben Morgan wrote the song? Matt sung it on the United version. :D Trivial, I know!

  6. @Miss S: I know! I'm partial to Jad even though Robert is one of my favs! :)

    @Alice: Robert is actually 18. And I agree that Jad sings it so well! :) I didn't know that, but I did know that Reuben writes some really nice Hillsong songs. :)


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