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Two CCM Artists Quit the Business

The following that you are about to read is a guest post done by Lisa, a reader and fan of Jay's Musik Blog. Lisa recently went on a search to discover what had happened to two female CCM artists and discovered the answer to the artists' disappearances. Enjoy! (Thanks, Lisa!)


This year, two rumors were put to rest.

Krystal Meyers and Jessie Daniels are done with music. Both women started off extremely popular, garnering hit after hit, and Krystal even has a large fan base in Japan. Why did they quit? No one knows, and as we look back at the music we have enjoyed over the past five years, let’s remember these girls for the great music they made.

Krystal Meyers kicked off her career in 2005 with her self-titled debut, “Krystal Meyers” which immediately garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike. With a heavy hitting, punk rock sound that was compared to Avril Lavigne, Krystal rocked the stage at only 16. This album had great messages lyrically, and fantastic music to go along. Songs like “Anticonformity” spoke out against conforming to the pressures of peers, and songs like “Lovely Traces” which told listeners that even though you’ve messed up, God works every situation for our good. Her debut was widely accepted all across the U.S., and she began to gain popularity in Japan.

In 2007 she came out with her sophomore CD, “Dying For A Heart”, which is often said to be her best album. The lyrics and music on this album are stellar, with “Beauty of Grace”, “Hallelujah”, and “Collide” being the main singles. DFOA became one of 2008’s best albums, for good reason. From start to finish, this is an excellent album.

Her final album was released in 2008, “Make Some Noise.” This album was a drastic departure from her previous punk rock sound; instead it was a dance-pop album. For several of her fans, this album was disappointing, and for others, the best pop album of all time. Her lead single “Make Some Noise” was all about how were born to take chances, and become who we need to be. The lyrics also created a bit of controversy among a few fans, with songs such as “Love It Away”  saying “He will love, love, love it away”, not specifying if Christ or her boyfriend would love it away. However, this album also had several spiritual references as well, such as “My Freedom” and “In Your Hands”. Overall this was a good album, but a bit of a letdown to fans of her earlier music.

Krystal was very passionate about her music being a ministry, as this quote shows: “I knew I would be doing music ministry ever since I could talk”. “A lady in our church told my mom ‘Your daughter is going to travel the world and be a missionary.’ That’s what this is—a mission field and music is the outlet... My faith means everything to me, it’s who I am. It’s the basis of everything I do. Jesus Christ is everything. He’s given me peace and joy that is so unreal that I just have to sing about it. It comes out in my music. I have to share what I believe! ...I want God to be speaking through my music. So I stepped back and prayed about it. I surrendered the whole writing process to God.”

So why did she quit? That, no one knows. She got married to one of her band members, Alex Hawkins, on May 30, 2009. She modeled. She quit. Being a fan of Krystal’s, I decided to find out what happened to her. Her website was no longer accessible, and no news had been heard in quite awhile. So, I emailed her father, Rick Meyers, the creator of the eSword Bible Program. This was his reply:


Krystal has not actively toured for the past ten months. I doubt she will return to that any time soon.She has moved on to the next chapter in her life that God has for her.Her web site is still:

In His service,

Rick Meyers.

I will miss Krystal’s music very much, but I wish her the best in her new life as a wife and whatever God has planned for her.

Now, we have a lesser-known but just as talented songstress, Jessie Daniels. Born just a year before Krystal, Jessie burst onto the music scene in 2006, also with her self-titled debut, “Jessie Daniels”. Her single, “Everyday” made its way to many radio stations all over the country. The positive, Biblical lyrics and music were very good, and songs like “The Noise” and “What Happened To Me” quickly became favorites of many. Her popularity quickly soared, and she shared venues with the likes of Jump5, Kutless, Seventh Day Slumber, and more. She toured extensively, but to the best of my knowledge, her last show was on December 16th, 2008.

In an interview with CVC, she gushes about loving what she did, so where did she go? That is also a mystery. Why would a multi-talented artist like Jessie become a one-hit wonder? Perhaps the music industry was too much for her, or maybe she felt God leading her a different way.

Whatever the reason, I decided it would become my personal project to discover where she had gone. I searched the web and looked at several Christian music sites, yet no one seemed to have an answer. I found the contact information for her former manager, Brian Mayes. I fired off an email to him, and in just a few days, got a reply:

Hi Lisa,

To the best of my knowledge, Jessie Daniels is no longer in the music business. I'm sorry, but I currently have no contact or forwarding information.

Brian Mayes

So why did they quit? Is it even our business? Should they have at least notified fans they were quitting? These are questions that will remain a mystery in the minds of many.

In my opinion, we have lost two of the best female Christian Music artists in the industry. They made great music which encouraged people of all ages. They will be greatly missed, but how about we enjoy the music they left us, and pray that God guides them along their new paths in life.


  1. Interesting post! I did always wonder what happened to Krystal Meyers. It does seem like they would at least let the fans know first.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks for this awesome post, Lisa and Jay! This is very interesting! I had no idea either of these female artists were out of the business. I just watched a music video on Krystal's website, and it very much gave me the impression of a worldly pop star's music video... If I didn't know she was a Christian artist, I surely wouldn't guess from the music video.

    But anyway, thanks so much for the info! Great article!

  3. Lisa did a great job with this... I like mysteries, but I wish we could have something more definite as to where they went. However, I agree with Lisa's conclusion: we should enjoy the music they've made and pray for their new paths. Thanks for posting Jay!

  4. Interesting. Congrats to the guest poster Lisa for posting! I see a label is "sad" so... I guess I can't help but try to brighten the mood!

    BarlowGirl is awesome and I'm glad they're still around! They don't just make good music, either, they're godly girls. :)

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with The Other Alice... I'm so glad BarlowGirl is still around! And they definitely are Godly girls!!

    Hey, Jay, maybe you could do another post about BarlowGirl!! ;)

  6. Wow! Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I really enjoyed writing this.

    Krystal was on of my favorite female artists, until she came out with Make Some Noise. I saw that video too, Renee, and I was very disappointed. I'll miss her music very much. If you'd like to hear an artist like her, check out Paige Armstrong!

    1. Hi Lisa! I knew Krystal Meyers yearssss ago when I was on grade school. I got shocked (well kinda disappointed) when I first saw her "new" MV (back then) Make Some Noise. I had questions in my mind like what happened? why did she change her "image"? what's the meaning of the song? and some more... I tried looking for answers but I seem to never find one. I love her previous songs, but Make Some Noise makes me whut happened 0.o?? Still, I love her and I miss her. I wish you would have an update about what's going on with her life now (it's 2018 and yes I just miss her songs).

      But I have something at the back of my mind. Maybe she's really fighting for something that's why she made those songs. I mean, if you're gonna re-listen to her songs, maybe she's having a personal struggle or difficulty in her life (I honestly do not know) but maybe, just maybe she's struggling and was fighting for her situation and so she wrote those songs trying to have an "escape" or she's maybe encouraging herself that she'll be able to get out of that situation. Well, that's just what I thought. :)

      Thanks for hearing me!

  7. I've never heard of these two gals. I will for sure check them out and see what they sing!


  8. I actually found your site doing research on CCM artist. Wish both these young ladies the best of luck. I really enjoy CCM but I really wish an industry hadn't been built around it. It seems the industry is taking too many lessons from it's secular counterpart and I fear it has become more about selling CDs. I have recently watched a couple of videos by very popular female artist and I am deeply concerned. I found nothing wrong with the songs however the clothing worn was...for lack of a better word, sexy. The way these women moved and looked into the camera as they sang almost made me feel as if I was being seduced or something. It dawned on me, is this the idea? Does the philosophy that sex sells transfer into CCM? Now I'm not saying they are running around in lingre but just look. Really tight jeans, low cut shirts and dresses looking seductively into the camera as they sing....not sure this is the message we need to spread. Again I really enjoy CCM but I am deeply concerned that our very real desire to reach young folks through music has led us to use tools that are sending the wrong message. Give it some thought.

  9. I found this doing some researching but if you search Krystal Meyers name on Youtube , some guy named Rob Norman comes out commenting on almost all videos related to her saying some really "interesting stuff" -SK7


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