Thursday, December 23, 2010

The "Shoc" Behind Carol of the Bells

If you are a fan of Beckah Shae (as I am) then you probably love the beats of her songs, right? Well, in this video, you can watch as Beckah's husband, "Shoc" creates all the music for her Christmas song "Carol of the Bells." Isn't it totally cool? I've already watched it several times! :)


  1. Those are my dream speakers!!!! Lol but this is pretty cool.

  2. That kinda reminds me of my room. :D I love to see how a song is made like that! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Glad you all enjoyed the video!

    @Lisa: Hahaha! That's what was running through my mind while watching this post! I saw them in a catalog that night, too. What a coincidence! Is it too late to change my Christmas wish?? :D

  4. *pops head in*
    Nice video! Oh, and merry Christmas Jay! :D Have a blessed day and enjoy your new year. Are you doing anything special?

  5. Thanks, Marvin! You have a great Christmas, too! I'm hoping to watch It's A Wonderful Life, have a nice lasagna dinner, and also go to church for a Christmas service. Very fun! :)


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