Thursday, December 9, 2010

Robert Pierre: Identity Review

Last summer, Robert Pierre released his sophomore project Identity. With several groundbreaking hits, including “Jesus,” “Breaking My Heart,” and the title track, Robert delivers a strong message to teenagers that their identity comes from Christ alone. This message resonates all throughout the album, as his mature voice leads the way.

Beginning with the upbeat track “Jesus,” Robert shares that Jesus is the name above all names, and that whatever we are going through, Jesus is there for us: “Any desperate day/ one word I can pray/ all I know to say/ Jesus!” Personally, I believe that watching the “Jesus” music video will greatly improve the listener’s appreciation for this track. “Breaking My Heart” seems as if it will be a love song, but instead takes an interesting twist, speaking of how God breaks our hearts to make it in line with His plan for our lives (“You’re breaking my heart in a beautiful way”). “Breaking My Heart” retains the upbeat pop/contemporary and certainly enjoyable tempo of the opening track.

“Get Up,” highly catchy with a good upbeat sound is a reminder that we have only one life to live and that there is no time to lose. Following is the title track, telling the story of a teenage girl and boy who avoid peer pressure by remembering that their identity comes from Christ: “That’s who I am/ forgiven and set free/ it doesn’t matter what the world may think of me/ I’ve got nothing to hide/ I know my identity/ without a doubt I know His blood has covered me/ that’s who I am.” I particularly enjoyed the encouraging lyrics from this track, as would high-school students experiencing peer pressure.

Complete with strings, “I’ll Be There” slows things down as a moving song written from the perspective of God to us His children reminding us that He is always with us and that He “will be there/ whenever you are calling My name.” “Elementary” has another catchy “clappy” beat, comparing the learning of the love of God to high school: “It’s like I’m back in junior high with a pencil in my hand/ taking notes on the subjects that I’ll never understand/ gonna ask You lots of questions and I’m sure You’re gonna leave me amazed.” In my opinion, this was the best track from Identity.

“Let God Arise” was originally the track that won me over to Robert’s music with an upbeat worship anthem all about God’s reign: “Our God is a God Who saves/ Let God arise/ Our God reigns now and forever.” “I’m Not Perfect” takes on a dual meaning, I think. First, this track is a song of praise to God for choosing to forgive us because we are “not perfect after all.” Secondly, it seems to be a reminder from Robert to the listener that even rockstars like him can make mistakes, too. 

“Be Praised” is a bit repetitious, sounding very much like its predecessor, and is a simple worship song speaking of praising God with a body of believers. “I Will Love You,” backed up by strings in this slower worship song, is a gorgeous worship to “dedicate myself/ to doing one thing well/ I will love You!” This was definitely a highlight from Robert’s album Identity.

Finally, the album ends with “Don’t Miss This,” again highly catchy. First beginning with a “fun” sound and message, Robert switches gears to remind everyone that “they gotta know who Jesus is” and not to miss this moment. “Don’t Miss This” provided the perfect ending for Robert’s Identity album.

Robert’s message about finding your identity in Christ appeared several times in the album Identity accompanied by highly catchy tempos. However, when this message did not appear, gorgeous worship songs appeared in its stead, providing an album that has something for every listener. I highly recommend this project to any contemporary music fan, but I especially believe that teenage boys will greatly enjoy listening to Robert’s deep, mature voice. The Elvis Presley look-alike presented an excellent project with Identity, one that this reviewer chooses to rate 5 stars! :)

"A lot of kids are asking, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘How am I important?’ They are finding their identity through friends or sports figures or celebrities or whatever. They are not turning to the right people or things, but are using drugs, alcohol, sex and all sorts of bad things. They don’t understand that their identity isn’t in that stuff; it’s in Christ, because He died on the cross for their sins. It only matters what God thinks. I want kids to know that they are forgiven and set free, and that it doesn’t matter what other people think—they are very important to God." – Robert Pierre, courtesy of

Track listing:
1. Jesus
2. Breaking My Heart
3. Get Up
4. Identity
5. I’ll Be There
6. Elementary
7. Let God Arise
8. I’m Not Perfect
9. Be Praised
10. I Will Love You
11. Don’t Miss This

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