Friday, December 31, 2010

Phil Wickham: Heaven & Earth Review

In Heaven & Earth, Phil Wickham finds his voice as he sings about the glory of being with God in heaven. Dreaming of what it must have been like for Adam and Eve to walk and talk with God, Phil shares twelve ground-breaking songs delivering the truth and comfort of heaven.

"Eden" begins Heaven & Earth with gorgeous piano and Phil's wonderful flexible voice. By the arrival of the second verse, the song builds to an upbeat track speaking of wanting to go back to Eden: "I want to see You face to face/ where being in Your arms is the permanent state/ I want it like it was back then/ I want to be in Eden." "Coming Alive" follows with a strong and unique pop ballad speaking of being the hands of feet of Jesus. As the words of the second verse share: "We could be the hands and the feet of love/ you be love/ wake up frfom your sleeping/ there's something to believe in/ the only way to love is to give yourself/ give yourself!" Phil's forceful singing of the last line was an awesome highlight from this track.

The title track brings another upbeat track speaking of the desire for us to be home with our Father in heaven, and that glorious day when God calls us home, and we "cross that line between heaven and earth." "The Time is Now" is a nice contemporary track backed up by strong strings, as Phil sings about taking a stand in the Spiritual battle that is going on.

"Hold On," containing an awesome keyboard sound, finds Phil singing slightly like a country singer. In addition to the strong bass which makes for an awesome track all around, the inspirational lyrics speak from God's perspective to us promising that He will walk us through the fire, because when we are weak, He is strong. "Safe" features the familiar voice of Bart Millard, frontman for MercyMe. "Safe" serves as a reminder that Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us because we are "not alone." I very much enjoyed Bart's addition to the track, especially at the bridge.

"I'll Always Love You" is a praise song reminding God that we will always love Him and be grateful for the gift of redemption that He has given us as "In Your City," leaning on the slower side of things, speaks of that glorious day when we will be in his brilliant light city "forever glorified in His city." "Your Arrival," an upbeat track begins with a static sound, as it's slightly electronic sound speaks of eagerly anticipating the rapture when Jesus comes to "call all His children to meet Him in the clouds." "Because of Your Love" again slows things down, speaking of the awe we have toward Jesus for enduring the pain and bearing all of our shame all because of His love. I enjoyed Phil's switch from upbeat to slower songs and back, an act which preventing me from losing my interest in the album.

"Cielo" is a "song" account of the day when we first walk through the doors of heaven. It's futuristic feel was perfect to the gorgeous track about heaven. Backed up by choir, this track's backing was absolutely perfect for this song. Finally, "Heaven Song" ends Heaven & Earth with little more than acoustic guitar. Sounding much like Lifehouse's "You and Me," Phil speaks of the promise we read in Scripture that Jesus is coming back for us, and reflects the message that appeared in every song on this album -- the wonder of what an awesome day it will be when we all see heaven for ourselves. "Heaven Song" put a beautiful end to Heaven & Earth. In addition, the piano that came in after the chorus was an added asset.

The touching message of Phil's latest studio album Heaven & Earth is one that will speak into the hearts and lives of the listeners. Through inspiring lyrics, perfectly complimentary lyrics, and awesome vocals, Phil reminds us that heaven is not too far away, and that we will walk through the gates of heaven soon. Phil's latest album is so moving, that it may require a box of tissues to listen through! I recommend this album to any contemporary Christian music fan; it is truly awesome!

Rating: 4.5/5

Track listing:
1. Eden
2. Coming Alive
3. Heaven & Earth
4. The Time Is Now
5. Hold On
6. Safe
7. I'll Always Love You
8. In Your City
9. Your Arrival
10. Because of Your Love
11. Cielo
12. Heaven Song


  1. This is one of my favorite CD's. My favorite is Heaven Song. :)

  2. Thanks for the review! I love this CD!! I love Phil's amazingly beautiful voice and the music that perfectly compliments it! It's so beautiful!


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