Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Music From Falling Up?

Last winter, Falling Up announced a "permanent break" after fans had heard almost nothing from the band since the release of Fangs in April 2009. Well now, however, the band is promising to head back to the studio early 2011 if fans help them reach their $10,000 goal by January 20th. So far, the band has raised almost $8,000, and they have created a site to raise awareness of their new project. Here's the official update now from Falling Up:

In 2003 our professional music career began when signing to BEC Records. Since then we toured relentlessly nationally and internationally, a few times almost playing shows year round (with a week or two off for Christmas). We wrote and recorded four full length studio albums and one remix (although most of the album "Crashings" was written prior to our record deal). But now for the first time since that summer of 2003, we are independent. The spirit in Falling Up has lived on, that element that existed prior to our record deal has weathered the years. Now that it feels to us like the days before Crashings, we are set on heading into the studio February/March 2011 to record our fifth studio album, and the very first independent full length album for us. We really believe that the two distinctive sounds and lyrical subject matter that our other albums encompassed can be smoothly blended. We are asking for the help of the fans because now, all of you are our record label. We appreciate all the encouragement throughout the years from all of you, and now with a bit of love and support from those who can catch the vision, we are hoping to give back.

You can check out Falling Up's page designed to raise awareness on the band, as well as a 10 minute documentary of the band's history here

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  1. ohmigosh!!! NUH-UH!!!! That's rediculous! EEEEeeeep... we all heard they were disbanding! :DDDD I'm so excited that they're not really leaving for good! Thanks! :D



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