Monday, December 20, 2010

Meredith Andrews: As Long As It Takes Review

When I first heard “Can Anybody Hear Me?” by Meredith Andrews, I was blown away. Her beautiful voice and honesty of a song such as that makes for a relevant song that speaks to the heart. However, when I first put As Long As It Takes into my stereo player, I was blown away even more. Throughout all eleven tracks on the album, Meredith’s angelic voice and encouraging lyrics make for an enjoyable listen.

As Long As It Takes is put into a good start with “Never Move On,” a highly upbeat contemporary track speaking of staying right in the presence of God and never moving on: “To the cross I will run/ for all my Savior has done/ I will stay here and never move on/ No other moment in time/ so glorious/ so divine/ I will stay here and never move on. This opening track from Meredith could almost be an upbeat Christmas track. “Only To Be Yours” slows down things just a touch, with a powerful message of being broken down to only what God desires from us. Inspired by Psalm 86:11, the song’s encouraging lyrics were very enjoyable, especially from the chorus:  “Take everything I have/ only to be Yours Lord, Yours Lord/ take it from my hands/ Until I’m holding onto only You.”

Meredith’s radio single from As Long As It Takes, “Can Anybody Hear Me?” is a prayer to God, telling Him that sometimes it is hard to know that He is near, but we know that He promised never to leave us nor forsake us. Asking the question, “Why do You feel so far when I know You’re right here with me?” the honesty from every line rings out in this beautiful contemporary track from Meredith. Next, the title track, composed of mostly guitar picking, is a beautiful prayer to God, speaking about staying in His presence as long as it takes to hear His voice: “I won’t speak until You speak/ I won’t move until You move me/ I won’t sing, sing over me/ I will wait as long as it takes.”

“Come Home,” backed up by strings, is a gorgeous track from God to us, speaking of His hurt when we stray from our faith, and how He desires for us to come back home. Immediately following is “All Will Fade Away,” a track focusing the point of everything we do to Jesus Christ because all other things will eventually fade away. I enjoyed the way “Come Home” and “All Will Fade Away” were very worshipful and beautiful, not losing my interest in the album at all.

“What It Means To Love” is a touching song written from Meredith’s trip to an orphanage in Haiti and met with a 6-year-old, HIV positive boy. It was there that Meredith asked herself some questions that inspired the track: “So how could I go back to life as usual/ And how could I return to who I once was/ I just want to take your story to the world/ ‘cause you have shown me what it means to love.” The touching message of the track and the catchy melody make this track a highlight from As Long As It Takes.

“Live Through Me” is another upbeat, highly catchy track as a prayer that God would live through us: “Oh, consuming Father/ live through me/ set me ablaze for my soul’s sake.” “My Soul Sings” contains a complex melody, as the worship song speaks of the wonders of God and how it gives our soul reason to sing.

“In Your Arms” is a slower but powerful worship song featuring co-written with and featuring Jared Anderson. The awesome duet sings about how God wraps us in His arms and “never hesitates to wrap us with endless grace.” This would have been a perfect closer for the album, even though “How Great Is the Love” followed. Featuring worship leader Paul Baloche, this ending track, sounding much like a Hillsong song, puts into words perfectly the awesomeness of God’s love toward us. I greatly enjoyed this closing to As Long As It Takes.

Meredith Andrews’ powerful album As Long As It Takes is full of honesty and truth. In addition, Meredith’s beautiful voice and occasional guest-vocalist makes the album worth listening to every track. I enjoyed the share of upbeat tracks we received from this album (“Never Move On”) as well as the slower worship songs (“How Great Is The Love” and “In Your Arms). Full of a wide range of music, this album definitely has something for everybody. Pick up Meredith Andrews’ As Long As It Takes album today!

Rating: 4.5/5

Track listing:
1. Never Move On
2. Only To Be Yours
3. Can Anybody Hear Me
4. As Long As It Takes
5. Come Home
6. All Will Fade Away
7. What It Means to Love
8. Live Through Me
9. My Soul Sings
10. In Your Arms
11. How Great Is the Love (featuring Paul Baloche)


  1. Looks like a great CD. I'll have to check it out.

  2. I'm glad you wrote a review for this album, Jay! I've been thinking about getting it on itunes :)

  3. Thanks, Grace! Hope you enjoy the album! :D


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