Friday, December 17, 2010

Group1Crew: Outta Space Love Review

Group1Crew is back with their third studio release Outta Space Love. Delivering an enjoyable futuristic, and definitely “spacey” sound on this album, the hip-hop trio’s resonating lyrics make up the outstanding album. Although the futuristic sound of Group1Crew took me a little time to get used to, I agree with the lyrics of the track “Breakdown”: “We didn’t lose our sound/ we just got better.” After listening to the album, I believe that this futuristic style is a step in the right direction for Group1Crew.

“Live It Up” opens Outta Space Love on a high-energy note, becoming an immediate sensation with its booming drums and the trio’s electronic sounding voices. “Need Your Love,” speaking of the undeniable love of God, and how we could not live without it, was another sensation. Even though it began on a weak note that made me think I would not enjoy it, it burst suddenly into the booming drums contained in “Live It Up,” also bringing the electronic futuristic sound that makes up Group1Crew’s new sound.

For the adult listeners, Group1Crew deliver’s “Walking On the Stars,” their latest radio hit. A bit slower and beautiful, “Walking On the Stars” speaks all about how God rescued us from “myself and all I do”: “You got me walking on/ walking on the stars.” I particularly enjoyed the second verse where Blanca’s “hey’s” serve as a background for the rap. “Let’s Go,” featuring GRAMMY winner TobyMac, was my favorite from the album for it’s extremely catchy tempo. TobyMac’s “Andale” interjections made the track, complementing the message of doing something for the kingdom of God rather than sitting around, as did his exceptional rap scenes on the verses.

“Beautiful,” about being yourself, is sung by Blanca and directed especially to girls and young women that they are “b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.” I didn’t particularly care about the music from this track as much as its proceeding five tracks, but I am sure that the relevant message found in this track will be encouraging to lady listeners. “Transcend” gets things rolling again, sounding much like “Live It Up,” only with even more of a futuristic sound. “Transcend” seems to be part two of “Let’s Go,” with its message of remaining to the end and persevering.

The title track, also futuristic, is more of a fun song speaking of the love of Christ. I loved the way that Blanca sang the lyrics of the track emphatically: “I need that love, love/ bigger, bigger love, bigger love/ need that outta space love.” In my opinion, “Please Don’t Let Me Go” was a little boring, especially because it wasn’t as upbeat as the rest of the tracks. However, one who is already enjoying the futuristic sound that appeared in all of the preceding tracks will not find this song mundane, with its message of asking God to save us despite all our failures. 

“Wait” is another very encouraging song, comparable to “Beautiful,” as it speaks of waiting on God for the “right one” instead of experimenting with our own choices. I found it very encouraging to hear a blockbuster artist such as Group1Crew singing about this topic, and I also found it a cool song since the band’s girl singer Blanca recently got married. I also enjoyed the rap lines near the end of the song: “I’ve got a feeling that someone needs to hear this song/ turn it up/ turn it up/ just turn it up.”

“Breakdown,” the first radio single from Outta Space Love, is one of the most upbeat tracks on the album, talking about Group1Crew’s sudden change of style, their purpose, and why they do what they do. The fun lyrics of this track make it a highlight off this album. Finally, Outta Space Love ends with “Manipulation.” “Manipulation” begins as would a typical hip-hop song, but builds by the chorus when Blanca sings the lyrics “It’s All Over!” to which the beat builds tremendously and Manwell says the word “Manipulation” in a series. This song also gives Blanca a chance to rap on the second verse. I was glad to see that this track put an upbeat end to this wonderful album from Group1Crew.

It may take a little getting used to, but the futuristic style of Group1Crew’s Outta Space Love CD makes for a highly enjoyable release! I enjoyed every joint from this album, but especially “Live It Up,” “Let’s Go,” “Transcend” and “Manipulation.” These upbeat tracks that brought a highly upbeat and catchy tempo are sure to leave you coming back for more. Also, the extremely encouraging lyrics that make up Group1Crew’s music are a huge asset, causing Group1Crew to be an awesome hip-hop band. Check out Outta Space Love by Group1Crew today! You won’t regret it!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: September 21, 2010

Track listing:
1. Live It Up
2. Need Your Love
3. Walking On the Stars
4. Let’s Go (featuring TobyMac)
5. Lean On Me
6. Beautiful
7. Transcend
8. Outta Space Love
9. Please Don’t Let Me Go
10. Wait
11. Breakdown
12. Manipulation


  1. That's so awesome! Gosh... I love them!! :DDD


  2. I really like "Transcend," "Breakdown," "Need Your Love," "Live It Up," and "Manipulation." I don't usually listen to hip hop, but I LOVE the catchy drumbeat of this album. :D Good review!!

  3. Man! I gotta get it! I knew it had to be good, but it sounds like an awesome CD.

  4. Gee, thanks so much guys! I'm glad you all enjoyed the review! :D

  5. Outta Space Love has got to be one of the best albums I've ever heard. There's not a bad track on the whole CD.

    Lyrically I think Please Don't Let Me Go is incredible. It feels like the spiritual successor to G1C's mega-hit "Forgive Me".

    I can't wait for G1C to release the new EP they've been talking about.

  6. I agree! It is definitely awesome! That's cool... now that you mention it, "Please Don't Let Me Go" does sound like a continuation of "Forgive Me"! And yes, new music from G1C is welcome any day! :)

    Thanks for commenting, FeedTheMachine!


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