Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chris August: No Far Away Review

Chris August’s debut project No Far Away contains an awesome message. Having rededicated his life to Jesus Christ in 2009, Chris wrote songs out of coming back to Jesus. The most popular of these songs, the blockbuster hit “Starry Night” was recently named Christian music’s most played single, as the song easily reached number one on Christian music charts. In addition, No Far Away has shown itself to be the best selling Christian album of the year under its genre. With one listen, it is not hard to see how No Far Away has become a success --  the full music, encouraging lyrics, and awesome vocal talent from Chris’s debut project will definitely leave you coming back for more.

No Far Away begins with “You and I,” a song that could easily lead you to believe that you are listening to Lincoln Brewster’s “Everlasting God.” With lead guitar and Chris’s clear, crisp voice, “You and I” is a wonderful opening track for Chris’s debut project. “Battle” proves to be quite catchy with its country/contemporary sound, speaking about the wars that we all fight, and how the battle has already been won through the cross.

“Starry Night,” Chris’s runaway success, was a track written the night of Chris’s rededication to Jesus Christ. Speaking of the goodness of God and how “He is everything,” it is not hard to see why this track is a popular radio tune. “7X70,” backed up by piano, slows things down with a powerful and touching message of forgiveness toward someone who has hurt in more ways than they could know. I greatly appreciated Chris writing such a beautiful, relevant track, as well as the way the track progresses into a nicely-paced contemporary track.

“I Want to Be Real,” featuring a gorgeous piano act, speaks of how God is “always there through the fight/ saving my heart from the doubt inside.” Not only did I very much enjoy the complex melody of this track, I also enjoyed Chris singing such a wide range of vocals in the chorus. The title track builds things up again, speaking of how we can never run away from God, because He is wherever we run. One thing I enjoyed about this track is how it seemed to be a sequel to “Starry Night.”

In my opinion, “Loving You Is Easy” was by far the best track on the album. The catchy piano/drum pop combo made it tempting to snap your fingers along with the song! At the same time, the creative lyrics of the song spoke comparing to God’s love to being as easy as 1,2,3. In the chorus, Chris goes through several letters of the alphabet while speaking of God’s love, making it an extremely catchy, brilliant, track. Although slower, “I’m Gonna Sing” contains a steady, strong beat and nice bass sound, perfectly complementing the awesome message of the song: “I’m gonna sing/ I’m gonna dance/ I’m gonna praise you like I never had the chance/ and I’m gonna run like I’ve been set free/ I’m gonna live all for You my King.”

“It’s Always Been You” is a contemporary track praising God for how He has saved us: “I’m sorry for the tings I’ve done/ when You ran to me I turned to run/ and You were waiting when I came undone/ and needed something to hold onto.” “Winter Time” is composed mostly of a gorgeous piano, and I found it a bit hard to follow. It speaks of someone who is “like an angel in the snow” that he “knew would come, but soon would go.” I wasn’t quite sure what the meaning was, but it sounded as if someone dear to the writer had died. Finally, No Far Away ends with “Canyons (Beautiful Noise),” a wonderful, upbeat track speaking about being in love with Jesus whether in the mountain or in the valley or whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. It seemed to put a perfect ending to No Far Away, Chris August’s debut project.

Chris August’s project No Far Away is an awesome debut! The album’s edifying lyrics, mixed with the beautiful music and Chris’s crisp voice make this one of the highlights of Christian music releases this year. It is no wonder why Chris’s album is finding itself a chart-breaker with “Starry Night,” and why his album has become on of the biggest best-sellers in Christian music this year. This is an awesome project!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: August 24, 2010

Track listing:
1. You and I
2. Battle
3. Starry Night
4. 7X70
5. Want to Be Real
6. No Far Away
7. Loving You Is Easy
8. I’m Gonna Sing
9. It’s Always Been You
10. Winter Time
11. Canyons (Beautiful Noise)


  1. *gah* I love Chris! hehe I just got his CD a couple weeks ago. Starry night is still my FAV! But You and I is pretty awesome too... it's a tie I suppose.:)


  2. You sure do know how to write reviews...if I attempted musik, it would be like "a good Cd, really heavy, get it." :D
    Thanks for posting.

  3. @Bleah: Glad you like it! :)

    @Mike: Why thank you! You write pretty good reviews, though, don't you?

  4. On tech and gadgets, but not sure how good of musik I could do.


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