Thursday, December 30, 2010

CD Stand Dilemma...

Recently, I've been looking for a good CD stand for my CD collection, but not something I will need counter height stools to reach the top of! My CD collection is growing as I accumulate more CDs and review them on my site. I keep moving my collection from place to place to find a good spot that will fit them all. I found a good place recently, but it will be all filled up in a few weeks at the rate my collection increases. I was delighted to find out that CSN stores actually has some pretty cool CD stands for inexpensive prices! Check this one out: 

Cool, huh? This item is just over two feet wide, yet it can hold up to 120 CDs or 60 DVDs! And the price is just right, as well at only $28.29! Here's another one I've been looking at:

I probably don't need a cabinet this big, and the price is just a little steep for what I'm looking for, but it's only $225 and would look great in my office! This one can hold 170 DVDs or 290 CDs! Wow! I'll never run out of space with this thing! But for now, I think the final decision will be held in favor of the first shelf. I'll let you all know what goes down! :)

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