Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Recap

As 2010 comes to a close, it's time to look back at a full year of great Christian music. We saw several new artists debut, such as Sixteen Cities, Me In Motion, Kerrie Roberts, Audrey Assad, and Chris August; and we also saw what was possibly the biggest Christian music news of the year -- Michael Tait replacing Peter Furler for Newsboys' vocals. With so many releases to choose from, I created my top ten albums of the year, as well as my top ten favorite songs of the year! Which ones are your favorites?

Top Ten Albums of 2010:
1. Sixteen Cities - Sixteen Cities
2. Beckah Shae - Life
3. Audrey Assad - The House You're Building
4. Attaboy - Being Remade
5. The Afters - Light Up the Sky
6. Group1Crew - Outta Space Love
7. Disciple - Horseshoes & Handgrenades
8. The Letter Black - Hanging on by a Thread
9. Hillsong - A Beautiful Exchange
10. Newsboys - Born Again

Top Ten Songs of 2010:
1. The Afters - Light Up the Sky
2. Beckah Shae - Life
3. Sixteen Cities- Pray You Through
4. Audrey Assad- Everything is Yours
5. Hillsong - Forever Reign
6. Group1Crew - Let's Go
7. Kerrie Roberts- Outcast
8. Matthew West- Broken Girl
9. Tobymac- Funky Jesus Music
10. Addison Road- Fight Another Day


  1. I love Demon Hunter's "Collapsing" song as well as the rest of the album. Living Sacrifice's "Apostasy" is also at the top of my list.


  2. Hillsong! And Newsboys! Most anticipated and turned out the best!

    Oh gosh, I'm so ignorant I don't even know if SCC's Beauty Will Rise came out this year or last year... or next year!

  3. Funky Jesus Music is my song right there!!! I love that song so much; it's so much fun to dance to. The Hillsong's new album was amazing. My most favotire song most of the time was 'you just gotta know' by lecrae. Love his stuff.

  4. @Mike: I've never heard those, but I'm sure they're good! :D

    @Alice: Somehow I knew you'd say Hillsong. ;) SCC's Beauty Will Rise came out last year- 2009. :D

    @P.W. Lecrae is awesome hip-hop -- I agree! Glad to see another Funky Jesus Music lover! I think Beckah Shae really makes the song ROCK! :D


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