Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TobyMac: Moving Pictures DVD

On Moving Pictures, TobyMac gives fans the chance to finally own all of his music videos on one DVD made complete with bonus features. Moving Pictures is a definite must-have for any fan of TobyMac, but is a perfect addition to any Christian music lover's collection.

Beginning with his latest video, "Tonight," Toby shares what his live shows are like, in a way that will make one want to go see a TobyMac show soon! I only regretted that Jon Cooper from Skillet didn't appear in the video. With "Lose My Soul," a highlight from the DVD, Toby and friends Mandisa and Kirk Franklin are stationed in a pawn shop, as the story line perfectly shows losing the soul to gain the whole world. Of course, the highlight was Mandisa's little act in the middle of the track.

"Made to Love" is one of three live performances that appeared on the DVD, again showing the excitement of a TobyMac concert. Featuring the awesome acts of the Diverse City Band, this live version of "Made to Love" seems to be more of a pop version than a hip-hip version, a nice change for this blockbuster radio hit. "Boomin'," positioned in a dark, dumped alley was a bit lame in my opinion, perhaps because it did not have a storyline and seemed a bit repetitious. "Feelin' So Fly" was again lame, as no change of scenery occured, and the point of the video was the "diversity" of the people shown, making it a bit of a boring, perhaps even strange, video.

"Ignition," another live video, was probably the most enjoyable video from the Moving Pictures DVD, with flashing lights, and the dancing moves of the Diverse City Band. "Gone" follows, being quite cool, but a bit hard to follow. It did not seem to portray the point of the song accurately, either, but was enjoyable to watch, mostly for Toby's awesome moves and the complete Diverse City Band. "The Slam" was also live, but did not feature T-Bone's rap. Instead, the video featured Mr. Talkbox and a few other members of the band, making for a wonderful new sound to this hit track from Toby. The incredible moves from the band also accentuated the live track.

"Irene" accurately portrays the point of the song through a creative variation of scenes, including a moving bus scene. I enjoyed the plot of the film, and how the healing comes in the end. "Get This Party Started," in my opinion, is very similar to "Tonight," although the graphics are not nearly as interesting. I found "Extreme Days," a cool detective video which also has a few surgery scenes that make it just a touch graphic, and one that light-stomached people probably would not enjoy. In this video, Toby is on a mission for God, while several enemies are after him to stop and kill him.

Also featured on this video are two videos made from independent film makers that do not feature TobyMac. The one, "City On Our Knees" is a cartoon showing how one act can make an enormous difference. I found it to be slightly strange and hard to follow until the very end of the film, where it's inspiring message was seen during the line "in a glorious display." "Showstopper" was a cute short-film, showing a water gun battle between dressed-up kids.

Overall, I found TobyMac's Moving Pictures DVD to be quite enjoyable. Several music videos were average or even a bit strange, but each one has a unique way of showing the excitement found from Toby's music. It is definitely a must-have for TobyMac fans!

Lose My Soul
Made to Love
Feelin' So Fly
The Slam
Get This Party Started
Extreme Days

Bonus Content:
City On Our Knees


  1. Looks awesome! I am a TobyMac fan and it looks like something I might want to check out. Thanks!

  2. If you're a TobyMac fan, you will definitely want to check it out. Hope you enjoy it! :)


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