Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TobyMac: City On Our Knees Review

TobyMac is a great writer. He has previously proven this fact through Jesus Freaks and Under God, two of his other titles. But now Toby is back with City On Our Knees, an all-new approach to stepping outside of your comfort zone and becoming a prayer warrior.

City On Our Knees features many stories of people who have made a difference by going past cultural or denominational differences to reach out to the world around them. Some stories end in the triumph of success, while others end, showing how one’s short live left a lasting legacy upon the earth. Toby also shares story after story of missionaries as well as ordinary people who sparked revivals through fervent prayer. Some of these stories include the well-known account of such evangelists as Charles Finney, D. L. Moody, Rees Howells, while also including narratives of behind-the-scenes individuals who made a difference through their prayers. At the end of every chapter, Toby includes quotes or Scripture passages that perfectly compliment the message learned through the chapter, and even includes his own “blogs” at the beginning and a summary at the end of each of the four sections.

The way the book was sectioned off was perfect, too. First, starting with “If We Gotta Start Sometime Why Not Now?” Toby shares ten stories of people who have chosen the “now” in live to step across the line. Several of these narratives highlight ordinary people who have taken a stand against modern slavery and human trafficking just by choosing to start at this moment. One story that stuck out to me was the account of one man who, at the call of God, gave up his huge ministry to a friend in humility. Thinking that God was done with him, he prayed fervently daily, only to find that God would spark a revival even bigger than the one he had currently been a part of. Secondly, “Two Worlds Collide” speaks of stepping out of our comfort zone and into the light (as it’s subtitle shares).  With a new set of ten, Toby shares more stories highlighting those who’s prayers sparked revivals that would sweep across the globe. In “We Are One Choice From Together,” Toby shares that we are a family, and the importance of stepping across the boundaries between us to work together. In the fourth and final section, “Through The Fog There Is Hope In the Distance,” we see that prayers again caused amazing results to happen. In one account from this section, a bed-ridden woman prayed daily for revival, causing D. L. Moody to come and reach several thousand souls at each revival. I enjoyed how Toby shared both sides of the story – not just from the bed-ridden woman’s perspective, but also from the perspective of Moody, at first a fearful man.

In the words of Toby, “City On Our Knees challenges you to take the first step. It offers stories of people who have stepped across lines. Lines of discrimination, persecution, doubt, prejudice, pride, bitterness, self-isolation, and despair. These are not my stories. They are their stories—stories that have inspired me, stories I want to share with you. I pray and hope that you will be inspired to see how just one person, or one small group, can be a mechanism for change. God can use us right here, right now, but we gotta start somewhere.”

I highly recommend this book to anybody, but I especially believe that Toby Mac fans will greatly enjoy this book, covered in TobyMac portraits, blogs, personal thoughts, and more. This book is very much an easy-reader, too, as I read the whole book in less than a week. :) If you get the chance, pick up this book! It will greatly change your perspective on the hit song, as well as give you a brand new perspective on life and prayer.  

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